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Protest against Mehdi Shah held in Islamabad

Islamabad: Protesters stage a demonstration against GB Chief Minister,demanding his removal

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Islamabad, February 14: Members of PSF, PYO, BNSO and PYF held a protest demonstration against the government of Mehdi Shah yesterday in the federal capital. The protesters held placards on which slogans were written against GB Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, and the ‘decision for withdrawal of wheat subsidy’.

The protesters demanded removal of Chief Minister. “Mehdi Shah Hataw, GB Bachaw” (Remove Mehdi Shah, Save Gilgit – Baltistan), the protesters chanted, as they walked on the constitution avenue, close to the parliament building.

Speaking on the occasion the protesters said that Mehdi Shah sarkar had failed in maintaining law and order in the region. The protesters also accused the government of appointing SAC Chief Judge in violation of the Governance Order 2009. They demanded annulment of the decision and appointment of the senior most judge of GB SAC as its Chief Justice.

The speakers also condemned the detention of PYF leader Baba Jan and his companions. They demanded release of the detained political activists and annulment of cases registered against them.

According to observers the protesters were not large enough in number to create any major impact. However, the leaders of this ‘movement’  have said that if their demands were not met the next demonstration will be huge.

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