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Whereabouts of missing mountaineers not known

PT Report (Updated)

Islamabad, March 13: Nothing is known yet of the three mountaineers who were climbing the Ghasharbrum 1 Peak. The three member team comprised of Gerfried Göschl (Austrian), Cedric Hahlen (Swiss), and a Pakistani, Nisar Hussain Sadpara, of Baltistan.

The mountaineers were trying to climb the South Face of the 8068m high peak Gasharbrum 1 (aka G1), located in the Karakoram ranges.

No communication has been established with the missing mountaineers for the past four days.

Rescue operations are halted due to inclement weather, according to military sources.



7 thoughts on “Whereabouts of missing mountaineers not known

  1. I have to correct what you write:
    1,- the 3 climbers did not descend from Gasherbrum I, they were on the way up from the south route
    2,- the expedition leader Gerfried Goeschl is NOT Australian, he is AUSTRIAN, Cedric Hahlen is from SWITZERLAND
    3,- Gasherbrum I is 8080 m high
    4,- two polish climbers reached Gasherbrum I last Thursday from the north route.
    Please kindly research well next time!

    Greetings from Vienna / AUSTRIA
    Mrs. Waltraud Torossian

    1. Thank you Mrs. Waltraud Torossian for correcting us.

      The information has been updated accordingly.


  2. May Allah protect missing people.

    Thanks a lot Mrs. Waltraud Torossian for providing valuable information.

  3. height of G-1 by pamirtimes is also correct, because its different from different sources,
    soon rescue team will reached there by Army helicopter, if helicopter is drooping them base camp it will take one more day to reached camp one, if helicopter is dropping them at C-1 it will be easy to rescue,

  4. The official correct height of Hidden Peak in all the maps around the world is 8068m and not 8080m. Mrs. Waltraud Torossian is requested to please correct her records

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