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Gilgit: Cellular networks jammed but social media is active, shortage of food items reported

PT Report

Gilgit, April 4: The GB government has blocked all cellular networks in Gilgit city, to arrest the efforts by unscrupulous elements to spread rumors and create panic in the society. The decision, though supporting in security sense, has also created great difficulties for families and individuals, especially those who are stranded in different parts of the city after the imposition of curfew yesterday. There are also reports from areas adjacent to Gilgit may also have been affected by the jamming of cellular networks.

Twitter (#Gilgit) and Facebook to the rescue!

After jamming of the cellular networks, journalists, organizations and individuals are using internet extensively to spread out messages, through twitter, facebook, websites and other social media networks.

Photographs, passionate appeals and messages calling people to unity and calmness were flying around on popular social media networks.

Shortage of Food Items

A busy member of the twitterati, a student of F.Sc from Gilgit, twitted (#Gilgit) his joy on “managing to get tamatar (Tomato)”. He said that his family was cooking meals without using tomato.

The shortage of food supplies is being reported from different parts of the city where authorities had to impose curfew after unprecedented mob violence. The situation of food supplies is likely to deteriorate if the KKH remains blocked and the curfew is not lifted.

Generally, the authorities allow curfew breaks to help the people get essential food items and medicine supplies. It is not clear, however, when the curfew breaks will be provided or when the curfew will be lifted.

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