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Thousands protests in Chilas against the Gilgit Massacre

Chilas: Protesters demanded action against those who attacked a rally in Gilgit. Photo: Asad Ullah

Special Reporter

Chilas, April 5: A huge protest demonstration was held in Chilas, the headquarters of Diamer District today. The protesters demanded action against the culprits who killed innocent people in Gilgit. Speaking at the occasion, the speakers said that the government has failed to fulfill its promises for arrest of the culprits and implementation of a charter of demands.

A large number of people came to Chilas to attend this procession from Darel and Tangir, in as many as 500 vehicles, accordingly to eye witnesses.

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  1. Strange, The protesters didn’t demanded action against the culprits who killed innocent travelers in Chilas . V strange indeed.

  2. strange indeed who will pay for bloodshed of innocent people who are killed in Chillas and still many a people are left missing.we people living in cites should walk towards parliment house and letthe governnment know that whats is hapening there in gb.All cellulAR NETWORK HAS BEEN JAMED.FAMILIES ARE CRYING FOR THEIR DEAR ONES WHO ARE LEFT MISSING SINCE TUESDAY. I appeal from every gb youth to come on front this is the tyme to do something for our peaceful land please everyone wake up and do something for our motherland gb we dont wan to give our area in hands of terrorists .

  3. It really is a tear-jerking incident happened in Gilgit the other day. Killing of innocent people relieves those who have no Emaan in Allah and Hazrat Muhammad. Every single person quotes that killing is Harraam in Islam and one who kills a single person is not a Muslim now here in Gilgit daily we kill our brothers and claim to be real Musulman. I sometime feel ashamed to say that we are far worse than those who love humanity and Muslims call them Kafirs. They can argue that you(Muslims) are infamous for being killers of your own brothers. I wonder why we are crying for more Army when thousands of security can’t protect procession of hundred people. Throwing grenade portrays something really odd. We should understand that. We are blind and blindly believe in actual and real blind person without even any question. Quran has everything in it but we Muslims dont dare asking questions. For God’s sake stop this and think we all have to die. Pray for Gilgit and let freedom prevail there. Freedom of worship and freedom of expression. WE are killed for being Muslim. We are killed for beliving in Allah. We are killed for having belief in Prophet Muhammad.

  4. very shameful to the people living in these areas …we people listened about gilgit baltistan a very beautiful and peaceful place, but the news channels and print media says that….the people living there are thirsty of human blood…..on the other hand they providing chance to the international intelligence agencies to provoke these bade sparkle in the whole country…….oh ALLAH forgive us ,,,,,and return us the peace prosperity and love…..

  5. both the parties should forgive and show tolerance if otherwise the situation is going towards the worse……..tolerance is the best way to strengthen brotherhood in our area….

  6. All the killers should be arrested if they are from Diamer or from Gilgit doesn’t matter. Killers are killers and they should be loged in so nobody else get hurt again…

  7. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

    Assalam o Alaikum..!

    I beg you all that for Allah Subhanahu Wa Tha’allah’s sake, please forgive each other and please have some patience for Allah’s sake and bring back peace in Gilgit-Baltistan.

    These killings of any human being whether it be from any corner of this earth is never ever going to solve the problems of all, it would rather burn our beautiful motherland together with its people in entirity and would spread the virus of hatred in our clean Gilgit-Baltistan.

    May Allah Subhanahu Wa Tha’allah guide us all on the right path and bless us with peace which is the meaning of Islam.

    I would urge every single reader of this message to kindly copy it to as maximum people of our motherland as possible especially my message to our future leaders – the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan to get united and work on the frontline of this mission to bring peace and harmony among our simple and originally peaceful people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    I propose few youth and professionals’ conventions at Gilgit-Baltistan level to discuss this menace of killings and hatred and devise a strategy to curb this virus from our historically ever clean land and develop a strategy together with all stakeholders including Government Institutions, Communities and other interested organizations with integrity and sympathy for our beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Ya Allah please give our people the courage and strength to save our motherland.

    With a cry and Tears of blood in eyes,
    Mehmood Hunzai

  8. Are they Humen???
    Is Islam allow to kill the innocents????
    Is it right away for a demand????
    The chilling report of the murder of more than 24 persons belonging to Shia Ithan Asheria in Chilas City of District Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan. Killers were not a dozen but the thousands of population of Chilas were ambushed the buses with stones, and pieces of rocks on human being, the creature of God.

    Since the people of Nagar are very peaceful and they never kill a passenger or a student or any sect in such a circumstance. Giving an example he pointed out that the People of Nagar has already handed over 50 Kohistani Sunni labors working on KKH during Kohistan Accident on 28th February, 2012. The People of Nagar only demand the terrorists who were actively involved in Chilas and Kohistan Butchery of Shia Muslims. Paradoxically this is their basic right to hold procession to arrest the terrorists involved in both Kohistan and Chilas Tragedies. The community of District Nagar has demanded the Gilgit-Baltistan and federal governments for bringing the situation under control and arresting Jihadi Elements (Sipahe Sahaba, Tanzeem Ahelsunat, Jaish Muhammad, and Jamaat Dawah) behind violent incidents in Gilgit Baltistan which left at least 24 innocent Shia Muslims (From District Hunza Nagar & District Skardu) and Six Buses ablaze at Chilas City. He further added that due to this torture the dead bodies are still distorted and the heirs are stranded that whose dead body is belong to whom?
    The Dead Bodies of Chilas tragedy is a question Mark for Army, Federal Government, Chief Justice and National and International Media and Human Right Activists across the Globe

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