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Several arrested from different parts of Gilgit

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Gilgit/Islamabad, April 8: Around 30 people have been arrested by security forces from different part of Gilgit city. Early today a large contingent of forces raided the Jamia Nusratul Islam, located in Konodas, and took 14 “students” into custody because they reported were without national identity cards. A source from within the Jamia claimed on phone that the arrested students were below 18 years of age.

In other raids a youth around 16 more people, including a leader of the banned Tanzeem Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jammat was arrested, according to sources.

The security forces have been conducting a massive crackdown in the city since the imposition of curfew on April 3. Several dozens of people have reported been arrested.

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  1. i fully condam sham full act madder of innocent people of GB,,, and those people who Sprite terrorism on behalf of Islam, it is not part of islam..they are not belong to islam, they are agent of Amirica,,, islam learn us peace, faithful, brotherhood,

  2. This incident is really worth hatred. We shouldn’t be biased while dealing with this sensitive matter. Only arresting isn’t a solution rather than concrete steps and actions should be taken against them and the real root evils should be identified for long and peaceful environment in Gilgit.

  3. The so-called massive arrests will not serve the purpose, after sometime; these arrested persons will resurface again in the town. There is a need for permanent solution and unless the culprits do not get severe punishment, such crackdown is timely consolation.

    The poor people of Gilgit will continue to suffer in the name of religion. After all these killings are taking place in the name of God to justify the righteousness by each sect. Last but not the least, why this hate and loss of lives is happening within the radius of three KMs of Gilgit and not anywhere in GB. We need to do something; we have to sit down and need to clean up our houses, otherwise the people of GB are losers, if these mad killings do not stop, not only the people of GB will suffer, but also the generation to come will have no safe place to live.

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