For the martyrs of Siachin

Who could be courageous than you? You realized death was hovering over your head. You realized you would never get to see your family again. Bidding process farewell to them, you set out to sacrifice your life for your nation. None realized except God that you would take your last breathing under the bed of snow. You were very far away from us yet very near to God up above there. God was so pleased with you for being devoted to yourself and to your nation that He lastly determined to present you with the title of Shaheed.

The nation is extremely proud of you. We can say with pride to the world that we are people of that nation whose forces defend the nation day and night among large snow, under water, on the boundary, jeopardizing their lives so that we can reside in serenity on this side of the border. We increase our arms and pray that may your spirits relax in long lasting serenity and may God give enough bravery to your family members to endure this lose.

I salute you!


Saima Javed, Islamabad

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  1. @ Sher Ghazi, they are not defending anything, BTW, K2 or Siachen needn’t to be defended by anyone…………

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