Shimshal: Pak-Japan Friendship Expedition successful in climbing “Hope Peak”

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Islamabad: A joint team of Japanese and Paksitani climbers has been successful in climbing an unscaled and unnamed peak in the Shimshal region of Karakuram Mountain Range. The expedition has christened the mountain as “Hope Peak”.

According to information shared by renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir, the Pakistan / Japan Joint Karakoram Friendship Expedition 2012 led by Mr. Tsuneo Miyamori has successfully climbed the 6105m high, un-scaled and unnamed, peak in the Shimshal part of the Karakoram.

Part of the 60 years Pakistan – Japan friendship celebrations, the joint expedition comprised of 15 Japanese from Japanese Alpine Club (Fukushima branch) and five Pakistani climbers.

“The virgin summit was climbed at 0700 hrs on July 19 from the last camp at 5200m after several hours struggle in partly cloudy weather and occasional snow storms by three Japanese and four Pakistani climbers”, Sabir said on a social network.

Among the summiteers are; Hidekatsu Furukawa, Seino Yoshimi, and Wataru Numata, from Japan, and Noor -ul Amin, Fazal Karim, and Tahir Nazir 4. Mr. Sami Ullah Khan, from Pakistan.


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  1. Congratulation for successful attempt and exploring the new peak. please make sure all the peaks have name in Shimshal in the native language but several names have been changed by the climbers and other travelers for example Advere sar is change in to White horn and Destughel is miss pronounced Dartegir. this is really shocking for the native people. pleas consult people form shimshal and the areas you are visiting.Do not change the original name of the newly climbed peak. Please let me know the location the peak was climbed i will let you know the local name of the peak.

  2. Congratulations for the successful team.I would like to add that in August,2007,we climbed an unclimbed peak in shimshal shujrab(Dest in wakhi native language).with Japanese climber Takasaki and we named the peak also in native language called Showort Sar 6200meter.The Expedition was also organized by Nazir Sabir.please for more information and correct the name and high highltiute from Takasaki from Japan alpine club.

    There should not be confusion about the name and peaks. Because some are unclimbed but some are already climbed and named,remember that should not be repeated.


    Rehmat Raheem Sherazi

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