Peaceful anti-video protests held in Chitral

Protesters in Chitral

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, September 21: : Thousands of angry protesters chanted anti US slogan during a demonstration and public meeting held in Parade Groun, located in front of the Shahi Masjid, Chitral. The protesters had come out to observe the federally commissioned Youmi Ishqi Rasool (PBUH), the day for love to Holy Prophet (PBUH). Leaders of all political and religious parties participated in the event.

Speakers condemn American pastor and the filmmaker for creating a sacrilegious and blasphemous film. They said that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH was a great human being and he was full of mercy, kindness and wisdom, as opposed to the image of him portrayed in the video. They said that the American citizens have attacked the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims by making the blasphemous video.

Addressing on the occasion District Coordination Officer Chitral Rahmatullah Wazir appealed to all the enraged people to register their protest peacefully and avoid violence and burning of assets. He said Islam never allow any person to harm other people. He said that the Holy prophet was a role model for human being of all over the world not only for Muslims. Other people should to learn lesson from exemplary peace of Chitral he added. During the protest anger protesters chanted anti America slogans.

The speakers urged the government of Pakistan to stop diplomatic relation with USA and to kick out American diplomats from Pakistan, also banning American made commodities in Pakistan. They also burnt effigy of American President Obama.

Meanwhile a protest rally was also held in Broze village under leadership of Engineer Muhammad Ayub where hundreds of people participated. They also demanded for registering case in international court of justice against the person who hearted billion of Muslims. During the protest all shops were closed and traders also observed shutter down protest. Later on the protesters disbursed peacefully.

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