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Gojal: Chief Secretary promises to compensate loss of land

Gulmit: The Chief Secretary is being briefed by some local people

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Gulmit, Nov 16: Gilgit-Baltistan’ Chief Sectary, Sajad Saleem Hotiyana, visited Gojal valley today and met representatives of the IDPs and PPP workers. He was briefed about the issues of non-availability of better health facilities in Gojal valley, corruption in awarding of financial assistance to students, not compensating the loss of valuable land due to damming of the Hunza River, not compensating the loss of land due to construction of KKH and link roads and a plethora of other issues which have been pending since January 2010, when the region got disconnected from rest of the country due to blockade of the Hunza River in Gojal valley and destruction of the Karakuram Highway.

The people also demanded improvement of the road between Hussani and Gulmit, Gojal. Issues related to provision of relief items from China were also discussed.

The Chief Secretary assured those present that a special meeting will be convened on Wednesday to develop strategies and resolve the issues.

The local people have regretted the decision of Chief Secretary to not meet the masses and instead talking to some individuals. The issues of FIRs and bogus cases against the youth of Gojal Valley was not raised with the Chief Secretary, despite of the fact that dozens of youth, including students, have been implicated in false political cases.

The local people and youth organizations have hoped that the Chief Secretary will also look into the matter of false cases and take steps to finish them.

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  1. indeed FIR and bogus cases against our youth are one of the big issue and must be on the list of demand every time. I am surprised that the loss of our commercial properties and business structures are not on the demand list, despite the fact that a huge amount donated by USAID was taken away to Punjab by NDMA and it was the worst failure of our representatives. The committee formed for the commercial properties must work for this as the data has already been submitted to AKRSP for further submission to NDMA.

  2. There are many issues to speak on, practical work needed that’s why we youth of Hunza (Upper, centre, lower) are silent? FIRs are major issue, rehabilitation is major too, two seats in GBLA, government recruitment, Infrastructure especially in big villages, Removal of Government officers on discrimination and alot..ufffffff, let move practical every where we are? have to play role…..

  3. By nature the people of Gojal are very simple and friendly attitude people and they are deceived by the comments of the high official.Since January 4, 2010 they are feed with false hopes and promises. But still they do not understand. they have to face another big threat that is blockage of the Road due to silting and filling of the dame near to Shishkat and Chamngul rock.The Chaines work will take more than five years.By then we will be stacked. it is very important to plan a strategy one year before. Wheres the health facilities it has been discussed with all the administration departments and they have assured for immediate remedial but never.Chief secretary’s visit was also one of the series.Keep close unity and struggle for the cause.

  4. PROMISES AND PROMISES again and again.Gojalies are fed up with many promises. We need action and action on humanitarian basis. If we remind some of the promises they are as follows from Kaira to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.
    1. The water level will be down by 100 feet to regain the shishkat Gulmit Bridge tender given to FWO and not to CRBC.
    2-Doctors will be stationed even specialist at Gulmit Hospital for emergency situation.
    3-Air proof or Covered boats will serve in the area as ambassador Netherland had promised with GB Govt…
    4-The Direct affectees will be resettled in any other part of Gilgit by GB Govt.instead live in shelters in freezing temperature.
    5-Education Fee will be given to Gojal Area Students present in all cities-Partial action
    6- The wheat Quota is sold in other region reserved for Gojal even corruption was done in the Fuel Petrol and Coke that was given by Chinese Govt.
    7. Fake FIR were lodged against the youth of Gojal in raising their voice against such corruption and raising their voice.
    8.FWO is has badly failed to lower down the water level of the Attabad lake and did corruption by selling diesel and explosive s witnessed by the local people.
    By reviewing the above promises it is clear that the Govt.either Federal has completely failed to take any reasonable action and if the situation remains like this then this will lead to another era of devastation and deprivation for the people of the region.

  5. What do you think about the examination procedure in Upper Hunza especially HSSC and SCC? Many suffered due to absentee of centre in Gojal and on a time transaction of examination slip and mark sheet along with supplementary form, fee installation bank. HSF is dealing with this issue but the backup needed.

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