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Violence in Gilgit; 2 people killed, several injured

Protester had blocked roads in the Gilgit city
Protester had blocked roads in the Gilgit city

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Gilgit, December 12: Violence erupted yet again in Gilgit city today after several hundred protesters came out on the streets in opposition to the commemoration of Yom-e-Hussain (as) at the Karakoram International University (KIU).

Some groups of youth and students had opposed the commemoration of Yom-e-Hussain (as) at the KIU in the past and it had led to 10-day closure of the university, due to fear of violence and unrest.

The protesters clashed with the police resulting in the death of a constable of the Elite Force, Adil Karim, hailing from Hunza Valley. Another man identified as Ubaidullah, a resident of Kashrote mohallah, also died during the violence. There were also reports about the death of 18 years old Zameer Abbas, a resident of Barmas mohallah, but later sources informed that he is alive and admitted at a hospital.

Police officials blocking a road in Konodas to stop protesters from moving towards KIU

According to details, protesters had blocked bridges and roads leading to the Gilgit city after hearing about the commemoration of Yom-e-Hussain (as) at KIU, located in Konodas locality, across the Gilgit river. When the participants of Yom-e-Hussain commemoration ceremony, including several students, reached near the bridges they were reportedly pelted with stones which led to  a clash and firing. Two people were killed in the violence and 7 were injured, including at least one soldier of the GB Scouts.

Protester gathered near  police offices in Konodas, trying to march towards KIU where the Yom-e-Hussain (as) programme was being held
Protester gathered near police offices in Konodas, trying to march towards KIU where the Yom-e-Hussain (as) programme was being held

The administration has imposed section 144 of the Pakistan Penal Code, indefinitely banning assembly of people, protest demonstrations and display of weapon. A ban has also been imposed on biking. The Karakoram University has been closed down yet again for three days.

Shutter down strike

Gilgit: The Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamat (ASWJ) has announced a shutter-down strike in Gilgit city tomorrow.

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  1. With-out punish culprits of past incidents such clashes and killing will take place. Where is the so-called Masjid Board? and really sad moment that university students now extremists, very alarming situation for the region.

  2. Our actions are leading towards a military operation in the entire region, and when there is a military operation, believe me folks, collateral damage is sure to happen, no one can avoid it, we all are going to suffer irrespective of our sect or our opinion/action. Lets not make GB another Swat, Waziristan or Afghanistan. I’m sure there are many conspiracy theorists blaming the volatile situation in GB on MSS, MOIS, RAW, MOSSAD, CIA, ISI and other intelligence agencies, but whatever the truth is, the actions/activities on the ground are executed by non other than the people of GB. Lets not fight each other on sectarian grounds,lets live in harmony and be humanitarian. Steps need to be taken by GB administration to curtail the violence.
    1. Stern punishment to those involved in sectarian violence including capital punishment.
    2. Trial under military courts for activities related to sectarian violence. (though i think military courts is not a good idea, but in the current situation, we need such courts).
    3. A joint committee with representations from all sects and all walks of life (not only religious) which should sort out any differences/issues which may lead to sectarian violence.
    4. More powers to GB police and other law enforcing agencies.
    5. De-weaponization of entire GB.
    6. Life imprisonment for keeping illegal and firm arms.

    Lets give peace a chance!

  3. It realy not makes sense to commemorate Yom e Hussain (A.S) if situations were so tense. I am sure Imam Hussain (as) would never be happy If someone gives tribute to him this way.

  4. To run away from a problem is not a solution,so we have to face the problem what ever the situation is……………………..we all are ready to give our lives to present tribute to imam Hussain.

  5. sure give your lives but don’t hurt others in the process. whats the point of holding such an event in an educational institute when situations is so tense and that too without the permission of University authorities. Why do some people think they are above any laws and regulations. Live and let live in peace!

  6. Situation is going worse rather than becoming better. As the people of GB every one has to think over it with intellect not with heart.

  7. At Dove
    Why do not you think if Youme-e-Hussain (a.s) would celebrate at KIU.. Is it harms any body you never been at KIU for any of Youme-e-Hussain at KIU. this was the day which unites Sunnis, Shias and Ismalis because poets and scholars from each sect were used to be there.. and it was day of union in Gilgit-Baltistan now think like wisher of Gilgit-Baltistan if the extremists oppose this day it simply means that they do not wana unites the three sects at any occasion in Gilgit-Baltistan… Try identify the really and hidden extremists and enemies of these three sects.

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