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“We will not let anyone to hoist Kashmiri flag on GB Secretariat”: Nawaz Naji

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Gahkuch, February 3: Gilgit – Baltistan should be given an autonomous political and administrative set-up like Azad Kashmir. We will not allow anyone to hoist Kashmiri flag on GB Secretariat. Those trying to do so are slaves even today.

These views were expressed today by BNF Supreme Leader, MLA Nawaz Khan Naji, while talking to media in Gahkuch, the headquarters of Ghizar District.

He further said that in line with international laws, the Gilgit – Baltistan region should have its own flag and governance structure, until the resolution of Kashmir issue.

Naji condemned the leaders who have talked about hoisting Kashmiri flag on GB Secretariat on February 5, the Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Other political leaders, like Wazir Ibadat and Amjad Advocate have also condemned the statements of Chief Minister Mehdi Shah and Wazir Jafar in which they had announced hoisting of AJK flag on GB Secretariat located in Gilgit city.

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  1. zamana acha hae ,apne rights lene ka waqt aya hae …
    no one can apply the name kashmiris to gilgit baltistan , we have a name and we want our own identity

    1. Absolutely correct, Gilgit-Baltistanis are not Kashmiris. But GB brothers please note, it was not Kashmiris that invaded you and joined you to the Jammu & Kashmir kingdom 100 years ago so please don’t hold anything against us. It was the Dogra rulers from Jammu that did it – they are a different ethnic group on other side of mountains from us. Kashmiris were also enslaved victims of Jammu Dogras just like Gilgitis. Before Kashmiris can talk about freedom from India, there needs to be freedom from Jammu. Jammu is nothing to do with Kashmir or Gilgit, it was just the seat of the invading Dogra army. We got annexed to Jammu against our will, but now people refer to the whole of Jammu & Kashmir as just Kashmir, so we Kashmiris get blamed for the past invasions of Jammu Dogras. Unfortunately, because of Line of Control, there is no interaction between Gilgitis and Kashmiris since last 60 years so there is alot of ignorance.

  2. Gilgit Baltistan without flag
    If Gilgit Baltistan posses without identification, statutes and flag then what kind of denting appears in the status of Gilgit Baltistan from hoisting of flag of Kashmir. Gilgit Baltistan is still a dispute area among the neighboring countries. Each of them tries to hoist its flag over the area. Though the countries have had remained no cultural, historical and geographical relation with the area. Today the area becomes strategically very important among the countries for military and economical benefits. And they try to legitimate their rule to capture and squash the fundamental rights of the people.
    If we get into the real history of Gilgit and Kashmir then we could realize that Kashmir remained very closed with rulers of Gilgit Baltistan compare to the new formed neighboring countries. There is no justification of fake affiliation with any country to rule and hoist their flags over here.
    The clumsy statements from the people of Gilgit Baltistan reveal that people have lack of study about their history.

  3. the real problem is not on hoisting the flag or not in GB.
    as everyone knows that Gilgit-Baltistan is comprised of multi-culture, and ethnicities, which were before independence governd by thier own Mirs and Rajas, but for now after convergence with Pakistan it was needed to give it the fundemental constitutional rights like other parts of the country. which is the first and most wanted will and wish of the people of GB.
    after independece we obesever that Gilgit was ruled mostly under Kashmir affair as the british did for thier ease of administration. but in reality there is no such any relationship among people of GB and kashmiries.
    the kashmiries settles themselves here during the british rule and afte even the independence. there was no such existance of their ancestors before.

    the core issue is that our elected leaders are all illitrate and they act mostly like that as they are taught by the kashmir affair and the esablishment.

    Gilgit-Baltistan needs a spring like the Arab sring where the real democracy coulded be well rooted forver.

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