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“REVELATION”, a book of poetry by Sabbahuddin Hunzai

On 13th June 2013,“REVELATION”, a book written by Sabbahuddin Hunzai, a writer from Gilgit-Baltistan, won International Special Edition Award from Earnest Hemingway Literary Society, CA, USA. The book was the second in sequence written in English poetry.

The author of the book, Sabbahuddin Hunzai is a Pakistan army officer by profession and graduate of the prestigious Command and Staff College, Quetta. With an illustrious career, Sabbahudin Hunzai has also been contributing research papers to various journals. Sabbahuddin Hunzai, had already attained the honour of being the first published English poet from Gilgit-Baltistan after publishing his book “Reflection” in 2004.

Revelation - Book Cover
Revelation – Book Cover

Revelation was published on “AMAZON” and made available in book stores in US, UK, Germany and Australia in June 2014. In July 2014, the book was published by Izhar Sons, Lahore for distribution in Pakistan. The book is now being circulated in literary circles and many editions are expected to be printed due to its demand. Seven hundred copies of the book’s first edition have already been sold in Pakistan, within a few days.

‘Revelation’ is unique. This book has classical poetry, which endeavors to articulate poet’s personal feelings, ideas, approach and thoughts. This poetry is devoid of any artificial expression that is normally used to give poetry a unique style. It is straightforward, like W.B Yeats defines “as simple as simple prose, like a cry of the heart”.

The writer mentions and confesses in the foreword of his book that these notions have very little to do with his personal capabilities or intellect. He says that these are heavenly inspired and blessings from none other than Almighty God.

After publication of the first book “Reflection” there was a period of respite. The writer explains that during this period he continuously tried to grasp at ideas and justify them. It wouldn’t take too long for the reader to analyze his poems that these revolve around his devotion to these ideas and beliefs that have appealed him since his childhood and which he has worked to shape these in my poems.

Sabbahuddin Hunzai clarifies that that although Western philosophers had inspired him in a little way as compared to Rumi, Saadi, Hafiz, Omar Khayam or Nasir Khisrow, but their language i.e English, attracted, appealed and challenged him. He further explains that English language has all the capacity to entwine the reader in its unbreakable spell. It has the gift to communicate the ideas and feelings in a straight way without much metaphorical bindings that every Urdu poet or writer tries to use.

The book is being appreciated country wide and expected to be a good addition in English literature in Pakistan.

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