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[Poetry] The girl is in love

by Amina Khan

Today, I am making a confession

I know it is forbidden

But I am deep in love

I can’t hide my feelings,

For the beauty, I can’t see

For the voice, which I can’t hear

For the fragrance I can’t smell


Still I am in love

With the tall tall mountain

With the deep deep river

With the beautiful glaciers


Oh yes, I am in love

With the simple people of my valley

With traditions of my people

With the advice of our elders

With obeying of our youngster

With strength of our women


Yes I am in love

With the tea in the Thermos

 Putook in the oven

Potato in every dish

With Molida and, also, Baath

Chumos and Quruth

Yes, I am in love


How can I hide these feelings?

When I am far away from the mountains

Trapped between these towering buildings

And want to share my feelings


Grandma don’t be ashamed

Your granddaughter is in love

Please don’t get annoyed

And let me share my feeling s

To my people and my homeland

It is my submlime love

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  1. waw nice……………. we r missng all these things also yar bt time , no time to go to gojal nd live thr………………..

  2. Great expression of feelings,,,,,,,, indeed I miss these all too, the same feelings I have for my homeland Gojal but couldn’t able to stay there for more than 20 days after many years…………. Thank you Amina for sharing this beautiful poetry and keep feeling the same, after all our homeland has the beauty to praised and to have feelings for it like you have mentioned.

    Almaty Kz

  3. My Beloved Killed

    One day me and my Kako
    Down in Dumani Valley
    Went to herd our sheep
    Leopard leopard ! I cryed
    Up above on amount kliff
    Leopard ate our goat
    Throwing down the rest of it
    Leopard roared with pride
    Me ,my Kako…and the leopard
    Kako gunned the leopard down
    All the night female leopard
    crying in village Maoo Maoo!
    searching for its husband leopard
    A llvillage in frightening night
    Leopards Leopard Leopard
    I again said my Kako
    But with tears in my eyes

  4. waw….sho sw33ttt.v al r missing gojal alot bt u kno no tym 2 lv in gojalllll.thanx n so marvellouss..

  5. i love it amina
    itss so sweet
    and deep

    i miss home alot too
    i cannot wait to go back.


  6. It’s good to see the pure love and emotions for our very own Homeland, i do appreciate da nicest piece of poetry. God Bless U, God Bless Our Homland.

    If da author permits, we want to publidh this poetry in our up-cming magazine by her name…????

  7. I would try to be as simple as possible to analyse the poetry by Amina. It would be better if Amina had written this peace in prose. Meters of English poetry are diametrically different from Urdu. In Urdu last word or two rhymes, and selection of words in other places are done according to the weight of its pronunciation and thought, whereas in English it is imperative that every word should rhyme, and there is a rhyme scheme within a sentence. Hence we have five basic rhythms of varying stressed and unstressed syllables. The meters are iambs, trochees, spondees, anapests and dactyls.

    Let me clarify it from an example given by Jack Hart. According to him with the four line stanza the possibilities become quite numerous. Possible rhyme patterns are AABB, ABBA, ABAB, ABCB, and AABA. If one factors in different line lengths, or alternating line lengths the number becomes very large indeed. There are some patterns that are not possible–ABAC, for instance. You can’t start with rhyme and then lose it at the end. With these rules other rules the readers of Pamir Times can decide whether Amina or Nasira sustain the rhythm of rhyme to the end.

    Sara Nagri’s poetry is a better piece in a sense that it, to some extent, rhymes and chimes with rules of rhyming. Since, my favorite subject in literature was literary criticism; it forces me to apply the tools of criticism on whatever piece of writing.
    However, what is encouraging is that the female of our region are asserting themselves and venturing into an arena that is totally male dominated. For that act of courage these two ladies deserve our appreciation. But writing has to go through the crucible of criticism. And it is a point where the writer disappears and writing matters. It does not matter whether one is male or female. It is aptly said that ‘writing writes not the writer’.

    Editor of Pamir Times is a poet but I have not seen any comments regarding technical points of the poems published in Pamir Times. Critics, like me, are crippled people who teach others how to walk. I do not have capacity to writing poetry but criticizing poets. Is it hypocrisy or paradox? Perhaps paradox. A good writer has to learn how to face and live with paradox. This rule equally applies to writers, like Amina, Sara and Noor and critic.

  8. hmmmmm FANTASTIC , The Voice of all youngsters of Gojal / Hunza who are away from thier lovely homeland and trapped in towering buildings and among the huge crowed of unknown peoples. aaaaaahhhh

  9. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poetry with us. I was thinking may you people have forgotten us (Gojal) as you are living there since many years but your poetry reflects how much you’re missing all these things. This is also a source of inspiration for us to think about things near to me. Once again thank your very much.
    Hameed Tajiki

  10. very nice poem, the way u expressed ur feelings about the tradition and customs of our area is gr8.

  11. A true essence of love poured in a very simple but dignified way. Yes there should and is not any doubt in our minds that we are in real love with our heaven on earth”.
    Keep it up dear

  12. nice feeling and great try to express her feeling and devotion toward her area, tradition and culture carry on. very good…………………………

  13. Amin ~!!!!!If you are searching for happiness come to the Nature of Gojal
    Which still keep their values, customs and Tradition? But 6 year before you are tired of Gojal life too ,so Amin where ever you are Enjoy your life be a part of happiness their . We simply pray for your Happiness.

  14. the main poem is Simple, and plain as prose…….
    Sara Nagri didnt try to use dramatic transformations yet i get that intended feeling…..
    I appreciate both

  15. zababardast !
    what a nice poetry i really like it and i enjoy it nice…. keep it up . u can add more ………its insuffficent ……bcz our area there is countless beauties ….. !!

  16. I appreciate all the critics of this little piece .Thank you all

    Sara Dawood Nagri


  17. thanks everyone for your support and khameto(plz write ur real name) for your critics, I have written this in the train on my way to work, it not a real poetry but I just want to share my feeling with my people through pamirtimes , next time if I try to write a poem I would keep ur advice in my mind. Some of you said I might forgot back home, the answer will be can anybody forgets their mother, for me home is like a mother…………………. And sara Nagri I liked ur poem and thanks for sharing ur feels, I hope that more girls come forward and start sharing their feeling, in today’s society it is important know the opinion of a women, and our opinion matter in the society we live. Thanks again for your support and I love u all
    amina khan

  18. A Shattered Dream

    Years ago,
    when i was Thirteen
    I saw ,a little dream
    That was so
    that I can always
    hear the beat of
    mount- stream
    In the spring kids used to bath in it
    In winters they used to skii
    It is now
    when I am Thirty
    i find
    every thing thirsty
    All the glaciers have been melt away
    All the mounts seem only gray
    Oh my Lord!! what all it happening!
    Where are kids
    and their scream
    Years ago,
    when i was Thirteen
    I saw ,a little dream
    That was so
    that I can always
    hear the beat of
    mount- stream

  19. A cat on the road

    A cat on the road smashed by a guy
    Again and again its smashed by guy

    No body cares about it
    Thinking it just like a spit

    This cat when alive
    With naughts it thrive

    It gave fun to its master
    to his chilldern and his wife

    But now when its dead
    Human dont pay it respect

    My heart is full of sigh
    Asking me it is,so why

    A cat on the road smashed by a guy
    Again and again its smashed by a guy

    Sara Dawood Nagri


  20. Dear Amina

    Beautiful keep it up with ur sagacious and innovative ideas and feelings

    Best wishes

    Aziz Nabi

  21. Amina, it is a wonderful piece of thought and expression. I know how you miss Gojal, the people and the beauty. I also know that you always think and discuss the possibilities for its improvement. Your motivation and dedication provokes high energy and I always admire your constructive thinking. So please, keep it up. Develop yourself more because you have all the opportunities and come back to serve the area with a broader perspective and practices.
    With love & prayers.

  22. Ghafch baf,
    Beheil woc, Asel rang woz puzuve gelecighe qesa xhetk. Ce xhu diiyorneṣ̌ ki δir wocen yadṣ̌ ghač ter yadeṣ̌ wezit.
    Well done keep it up with the same spirit

  23. Dear Amina, I read your febulous poem, which is really touching one. I am sure you will be enjoying your poem practically after completing your studies. This area needs such supportive, dedicated and energetic leader like you. I am always inpired of your positive thinkings. I am sure you will be a good leader for your family as well for the people of this area. Keep it up.

    Take Care

    Shamim Ali

  24. Dear Readers
    To Khameto , just , few words, expression, poetic licenses, not Classic or traditional but more romantic. As for Amina it is her words and her way of expressing the feeling of life , for this she needs words not orders. This poetry ,
    As according to humble me this not only for people to just view or remember their mother land or home and life left over their. It for each and every one of us, living Gojal or away, have lost or missing the used to be beauty and simplicity of that was once part of the Wakhi way of life, the respect the believe, innocence, the sublime love, its all not their any more, that is now only present in words and songs.
    Amina has recognized it when she saw that present situation and commercialization in her USA, like many other , it is her free mind that is in quest of light, which can acquire, because for that she will have to make many many sacrifices, which herself and all the worldly matter will not allow her to give up for just a feeling, but she now ‘s that it is life, And its life
    In the end ist good or bad, but it’s a try and effort of expression.

  25. Miss Amina,
    You are giving an emotional touch to most of us through your vision and its expression through you wordings.

    We are really rich but have never bothered to realize it.We have many many things that can really be a source of inspiration for others.The only thing is our loyality and committment to our land and our good practices gifted to us by our ancesters.

    I don’t really think that we are lacking behind rather are ahead in many areas like culture,norms and values.

    People of your kind can really be a true voice of the innocent mountain community who is committed to purity and excellence.

    I am proud for being part of such a great community who is well mannered and well organized in the various spheres of life.

    It is their vision and committment that the literacy rate has increased many folds in the recent years. Although our forefathers were away from the true essence of education.

    We can boost up our man power in the various areas of interest and move ahead with the slogans of being the high flyers and inhabitants of the roof of the world.

    Aslam Ghalib

  26. Dera Sara

    You have some thing that is the way that you can combin your thoughts into words, which some time takes ages to explor .
    you should write about more topic.

    I have the chance to read little and it gives me a feel that you should write more.
    keep it up

  27. Respected Nazeer Kako

    My manuscript of poetry called WHEN SPRITS DIE

    is in process

    Sara Dawood Nagri



    When spirts die
    and no way to sigh
    then man wants cry
    but no tear comes in the eye



    When spirts die
    and no way to sigh
    then man wants cry
    but no tear comes in eye


  30. Amina,
    You should be sending your poetry to the editor of PT to get it publish in main story instead of publishing in comments page. I really like the harmonious blend of thought and language. We would like to see more more poetry in future. Well done.

  31. Dear PT
    People like Amina and Sara and Noor the most need more space on PT page, as poet. PT should have a special and separate page for poetry. Because we have many people who want to add more species to PT.
    PT should make its page more colorful and a make the page more interesting for all the level of readers.
    And Sara it is a great to see your thought in a book, may you be helped in making your expression visible for others , keep it high, as it is .

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