Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

In Memory of the martyrs of Kohistan accident

By Nuzhat Mir

I’m a martyr

Don’t say that I m dead,

Tel my mom, sister, dad and love

not to be sad,

Your son did his best

tell this to my dad,

It was my thought

I could meet my family soon,

That was my imagination

I realized I was mad,

We have to embrace the demise without caring for ourselves

There is no guarantee of life

As I was well awarded,

As you are now all alone

Without me my love

Take care of my children

Give them love of mom and dad

Your world is totally finished mom

With the demise of your son

I did my best, fulfilled your dream

Being honest, did my duty,

As you  said

Now I have left you all forever

Tell this to my children

That’s story of their dad…

The writer is a student of grade 11 at Aga Khan Secondary School, Sherqilla.

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