Wakhi cultural event held in Lahore

Lahore (PR): For the First time Wakhi Students in Lahore organized a colorful event in celebration of the successful initiative of Gojal Youth Interactive Program on 20th April 2013. Large number of families, Professionals, Students and Children were part of the programme.

The program was celebrated under the banner of (WTCA) “Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association”. In number of times the Wakhi/Tajik Cultural Association has been arranging different local, national and international programmes in terms of cultural shows, cultural festivals, musical shows, poetry contests (Mushairas), and Wakhi language learning programmes.

One of the Chief Organizers Javed Ali Khan told the Audience that he and his team have been able to update database of the Gojal youth and families for promotion of events and cultural activities as Lahore is the hub of Arts and Cultural activities, and also for quick solution of matters if any member in need in future. Mr. Hanif Hunzai, Mr. Aziz Qurban, Nisar Ahmad, Parvaz, Amir Qubaa and Akbar Shimshali were part of the organizing team.


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  1. It is our pleasure to see such wonderful positive activities among the young generation, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE ORGANIZERS, PARTICULARLY, TO ALL THE WORKING TEAM MEMBERS OF THAT EVENT, organized at Lahore for the first time.

    Mr. Javed and his young team should develop linkage and connections, with regard to the Wakhi, cultural advancement with the AGA KHAN MUSIC INITIATIVES, a learning center in the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ASIA.(UCA), In order to get all possible modern facilitates in such an indigenous cultural revitalization activities and it’s further development. wish you all, all the best

    stay blessed.

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