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Chairman of Gilgit-Baltistan Students Council “missing” from Quaid-e-Azam University


Islamabad, May 4: Chairman of the Gilgit-Baltistan Student Council at Quaid-i-Azam University, Mudassir Hussain Sheen, has been reported as missing from Hostel number 6 of the Quaid-e-Azam University since Thursday. His nearest friends allege that he may have been kidnapped.

Mudassir Hussain
Mudassir Hussain

The students of Gilgit-Baltistan have started protest demonstrations to demand “recovery and release of the missing student”. A protest demonstration was held in this connection on Friday at Bab-e-Quaid, while students also gathered at the National Press Club today (Saturday) to press the authorities into action.

The students were carrying placards and demanding “release” of the Student Council’s Chairman. Students from other parts of the country have also joined the protest demonstrations and condemned the incident, demanding action from the university administration and capital city authorities.

Talking to this scribe a student protester lamented the insecurity faced by the varsity students. “We are not safe even in our educational institutions. How can one hope for having security in the city?, he said, demanding quick action from the university and city administration, as well as the law enforcing agencies.

The students have threatened to continue the protests if Mudassir Hussain, who hails from Gilgit city, is not recovered. “The protests will spread to all parts of the country if the administration shows lack of interest”, a speaker said while addressing the protesters today.

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  1. Agar mudassir ka id baal b baka kiya tu kasam hy GILGIT wale QAU se jamiyat ka namo nishan mita denge..

  2. AoA. There should be an end to lying. Media’s job ought not to be exxgerrating things. The person you have reported to have been abducted is safe and sound in Lahore. I am very sorry to see your yellow journalism. He was wanted to police in connection with a physical attack on Jamiat’s Nazim at Quaid Azam University. Students of GB should have focused on their studies rather than doing bad politics at campus. Thank You

    1. If you know his exact location then you can contact any QAU students.

  3. it not bad politics students are defending ther institution from political groups

  4. well Mr. Yawar Khan its not true that he is in lahore.. Today his Family members also reached from Gilgit and we have different types of Rumours that he is in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawer.

  5. yawar khan r u suree cn u leav a number so tht we cn talk tooo himmm we r woried

  6. I was sitting in the huts with my friends. My bike was standing there with a PTI flag on it. We decided to play cricket in the newly built basket ball court. So I took my bike with me and started moving towards the court. After reaching the basket ball court we saw this guy coming towards us with a group of young people. I will exactly quote the wording of this person. ” yahan per jamati b apni gari laey ne thoke dia tha onhain aur on ki gari ko torr dia ha…….tum b ye flag otar lo wrna lrkay aen ge aur tumhain itna marain ge k yaad rakho ge”. and than he moved with his group in an egoistic way.because there was no response from our side.
    In short he was simply threatening us and he didnt looked like an educated person from his conversation. Sorry to say he looked like a badmash, who can do any thing as he has so many people protecting him in the name of council.
    Even if political activity (we were not doing that) is banned in University premises, its not the right way to stop it.
    Respect all

  7. ya jo council wala darama kar rah han ya kabe bhe kamyab ne ho sakta Mudassir Hussain ko khud chupa de ha mujh as k number dana ma as ko trace kar do ge

  8. we love our councils system in QAU ,,, we dont want to spoil the envirment like in panjup uni or peshawar universty or islamic uni … jamat islami its shame for u people that ek student pay jota ilzam lagay namoz risalat ka islam ma ye allowed kasi hor pay jota ilzam lagana

  9. please dont destroy the name of ISLAM in dirty poltics all JI supporter plz stop ur people from qauid e azam universty islamabad

  10. very sad to hear about missing of Mr. Mudassir Hussain from QAU, whatever the case or history is……his family and friends should be informed and whereabouts. missing from the varsity is very discouraging. if found any clash with any group(s) the matters should be solved in good manners (civilized) but not like that.
    I wish and hope Mudassir’s friends and family would hear a good news with safe return.
    stay blessed

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