Gilgit - Baltistan

Sharista Beg of Hunza makes history, joining PAF as Aviation Cadet

by Timur Baig

Sharista Beg has made us all proud by becoming the first female from Gilgit-Baltistan to join Pakistan Air Force, as an aviation cadet. She is the daughter of  Col. Mehmud Beg, having roots in Baltit village of Hunza valley.

She has started her training at the PAF academy, Risalpur. She is a cadet in the 126 GD(p) course and upon completion of her training would become a general duty pilot.

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  1. Brrraaaaavoooo!!!!!

    We are pround of you, you are a role model for our younger generations.

    Congrates to her family for having such a shining young girl

  2. Congratulation to Col. Mehmud Beg, Miss Sharista and family
    Our most warmest wishes and prays for her success in this challenging task

    Asghar Khan

  3. Bravooo….!! we have started to change our history and frist i would like to congrate Col.Mehmud and his family for such an outstanding peformence by her daughter to join PAF aviation wing we are proud of SHAHISTA our new genration must follow her…and i will pary for her success…..

    Didar Karim Bari

  4. Barvo Sharista Beg! Congratulations to you and your parents and your entire family. I guess that you are a Tarakuts, if am not wrong.

    However it is pride for all of us being Hunzukuts. Hope that you will also encourage and guide your juniors whosoever are interested and try to prove their competence.

    All the best once again.

  5. i am looking if any e maill comming detail i am loooking and enjoing our local culture pictures.
    next i am happy a north area girl come to pilot first time.
    i am out of country living in europe and i am happy our northersn part yong girl have this sucess full education.
    i pray him.


    We all r proud of u and special congratulation to u and parents on behalf of the RIPMA coucil

  7. Congratulation Sharista!

    A matter of Jubilation for the people of Hunza and great admiration to Sharista Beg and her family.

  8. i wud like 2 congratulate Ms. Sharista n her family on such a grand achievement n i wish her success n hapiiness in her life. i wud like to thank her 4 making us feel proud.congrats again.

  9. owsome…………..really……congrates 4 ur gigantic n bombastic accomplishments……….

  10. Congratulations!!!! MS Beg for your extraordernary achievement and success, it will definately inspire other young women of the region to follow your footsteps.

    Iqbal Barcha

  11. congratulations …………… you have become a role model for our new generation. We are proud of You. please keep your culture and our traditional values with you wherever you go in future.
    Khudaye Daake taraqi Guchish.

  12. Congratulation ,
    Probably she is the first from our area to join the air force and hence deserves some accolade.

    I don’t understand it but why joining the Forces is regarded so highly??

  13. My heartfelt congratulations to Sharista Beg and her family.

    Although this is personal achievemnt but Sharista is an example for the rest of our community to follow her example of hardwork and achievement.

  14. We are proud of The young sister who has proven the boldness and progressive youth. we are proud of the Leading Young women of the valley may Allah give you the determination to serve the whole nation

  15. we are proud of your braveness and intelligence which God has Concealed in your personality. A powerful future is ahead in your life . keep your devotions enlightened

  16. Congratulations Sharista for your achievements. We are proud of you. Special congratulations to your parents. Now you proved that women can be what she wants to be.

    Samina Sajjad
    Riyadh, KSA

  17. congratulation to sharista n special congrats to her parents.
    sharista has opened a new window of hope and determination to all our sisters of northern areas.

  18. Great Achievement daughter of Hunza, congratulations for you and your whole family. young women will follow your steps and will achieve there goal.

  19. in societies daughters make a community Proud and Also Make………
    Congratulation Gilgit,Baltistan!
    you have honoured a doughter a sister ,who made you PROUD,Who made your exitence worldly, Who made you known to People,(being Ignored) on This Great achievement, i Congratulate the whole region ,though her Family is fortunate,for honouring Dauntless Daughter who made your heads rise!!! it take ages to be blessed as Sherista, it need to be pondered deep,every daughter need to follow Her foot steps, in every Field and Shaista, where ever you are Make your Value High having your Values and norms with you
    once again i whole heartedly Congratulate You and YOur Family.God Bless YOu

  20. many many congreats to u nd all your family members for this great achievement .

  21. Warmest Congratulation to Sharista Baig & all your family for your outstanding achivement.

    God Bless you.

    Kabir Barcha

  22. many many congratulations on achieving this milestone. I wish that every young soul of Hunza will follow your footsteps. Heartiest congrates to your parents.
    God Bless you.


  23. Thats great! We are PROUD of you, Its Begining ,BEST OF LUCK for FUTURE ,Keep your chin HIGH,
    Ejaz Barcha ,Garelt HUNZA

  24. Cong we are proud of u ……………..u know Eagle never fall from the flight of tirness shirsta

  25. Asaghun

    Heariest congratulations and best wishes for your success in future endevours. Kaki does also deserve appreciation who proved to be a successful and brave mother.

    Sajjad haider
    Dammam, KSA

  26. Hunzas people are very proud of you because you are the first woman in PAF God bless you and give you alot of success and happiness AAEIN

  27. Congratulations to Sharista Beg on this landmark achievement and thanks to her on the pioneering role she has demonstrated.

    People of the entire Hunza valley are proud of Sharista and pray for her successful training course and a bright career in the prestigious defense institution of Pakistan – PAF. She will hopefully set many examples for the upcoming female pilots from the Gilgit -Baltistan region.

    Brilliant, keep it up Sharista Beg

  28. ALL THE PEOPLE OF NORTH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PROUD TO U,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< OF YOUR THIS GREAT ACHEIVEMENT…………………………….

  29. Sharista we are proud of you. You are great great grand daughter of Mohammmed Reza Baig The Savior of respect of people of Hunza when British forces attacked Hunza he was the person to lead the great people of Hunza away from certain calamity.
    I join well wishers in prayers, for your success.
    Mehmood Baig Congratulations and well done.

  30. Congratulations and Prayers. I assume, that this is the rebirht of our legacy.
    Bless you and your family.

  31. Congratulation to Col. Mehmud Beg, Miss Sharista and family
    Our most warmest wishes and prays for her success in this challenging task

  32. I am proud to say that Ms Shaista Baig has done a big acheivement in her life. History is that her mother is belongs to (Barcha family) Ganish and her parents have totally military background. Shaista’s mother 1st cusion Captain Sarfraz Ali Khan got Shahadat during free fall jump at Attock and awarded Tamga-e-Shujat & Sittara-e- Basalat. and her uncle Major Murtaza shaheed awarded Sitara-e-Jurat during 65 military war.

    In relation Shaista is my newphew. I have also appeared in 103 & 105 GD (P) but was failure due to unknown reason. However, I would like congratulate her on her big acheivement. I wish further success in her career ambitions with these words that ” Join the galaxy of daring men and symbol of the pride for the Nation.

    Riaz Hussain Barcha
    Operations Officer/Security Coordinator
    United Nations Habitat
    +92 3345 763989

  33. Dear Sharista Baig…we are feeling really great about you and your efforts to set an inspiring history for the coming feminine generations of HUNZA.I am really proud of you.I wish you all the good luck for your future endeavors.Its indeed a matter of extreme felicity for us all..Keep up the great work as you have already done…congrats to you and your Parents, the whole family and people of Hunza..We must be proud to have a Sister yet a torchbearer like you…..

  34. congratulations!!!!!success…..seems to be connected with action.Successful people keep moving.They make mistakes,but they do not quit…..

  35. Dear Sharista Baig
    Excellent and amazing amazing job what an incredible difference you have just made, and you should be proud of your success. Please keep it up. Congratulation to all your family members.

    Raja Safdar & Family

  36. DEAR , u and your all family members .you are doing mind blowing task .best of luck my dear.bigger discription performence u doing will bring great changes in the mind of consective people.bye

  37. Congratulations to you and your families for this enviable success….you have indeed set a shining example for other females of our area.

    While flying high, you might come across the fairies (parries) of the heavens….please do tell us then if they are really fairer. i wanna catch some 🙂

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