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Supreme Appellate Court ‘reverts’ all “Out of Turn” promotions made in Gilgit-Baltistan Police Dept

Gilgit: The Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan, in a short order, has reverted all the so-called “Shoulder Promotions”, or “Out of Turn Promotions” of police officials made in Gilgit-Baltistan till date.

The officials who were beneficiary of the “Should Promotion” have been reverted to their original ranks.

The Supreme Appellate Court has also said that certain ‘necessary’ “shoulder promotions” given to officials in their own pay scales, on temporary basis, may be maintained, with authorization of the Inspector General of Police.

The “Shoulder Promotions” were widely being seen as a tactic to reward, boost and elevate officers based on personal preferences, instead of following a clear policy goal.

Many police officials have hailed the Supreme Appellate Court’s decision on social media, terming it a victory for the meritorious and deserving officers.

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