Video Feature – “Separation” by The North Wind Films Hunza

Directed by: Arsal Shafa
Assistant Diretor: Kabir Ayub
Actor: Faheem Afzal (Watch him in HD)


“We don’t live forever “physically”, but our memories last forever”. This short music video visualizes the whole story of life and our intersection with each other; with our friends and family. Our lives are so interrelated and interlocked that most of the times we are unconsciously unaware of our emotions and heartily connections with the unanimous kinsfolk and all respective relatives that gives significance to our existence and makes our ways of life communal, unpretentious, beautiful and well-intention-ed.

When our time comes and we part ways by departing the world itself, this “separation” makes us leave behind so many things and these memories last forever with the friends and family we leave. And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

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