Hunza Students Federation organized annual convocation and award ceremony in Gilgit

Gilgit, October 20 (PR): Hunza Students Federation held the annual convention 2013 at Zulfiqarabad Gilgit, in the premises of Aga Khan Diamond Jubilee School. The program had been held through financial collaboration of AKRSP, GCCE, different small enterprises and local donations. The program started with recitation of holy verses.

The fifth president of HSF Mr.Riaz Haider addressed the gathering with welcome note. The chief guest of the event was Mr, Sahhid Ali Registrar KIU Gilgit, and other guests were included Mr. Izhar Hunzai Ex GM AKRSP, Mr Aslam religious scholar, Mr Jan Alam President Muslim League (N), Mr Karim Khan Organizer All Pakistan Muslim League, Mr.Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai founding member HSF and Mr Rahmat fourth President HSF.

Chief Guest talking to the event declared that the event is productive to cater youth of the region to solve their problems in collective manner through an organization, he ensured to support the students of Hunza at KIU in all manners for their academic development and other faculty from the region will also participate to make better ways for academic development of youth. He also ensured to open fee bank at Hunza to overcome the communication barriers. Mr Jan Alam spoke on the HSF sustainability and the perfect setup by the initiators, he also paid warm gratitude to HSF and he ensured all sort of support in future.

Mr Izhar Hunzai in his speech mainly focused on governance, education, entrepreneurship and enterprise development at Hunza, to overcome issues faced in development sector, he emphasized on youth to participate in local governance to promote leadership from grass root Level.

Mr Aslam religious scholar spoke on very fantastic tune of unity among sub regions of Hunza, the tradition of Hunza and peace and morality building in the region. He guided youth to participate in social activism and politics to develop new leadership. Following him Mr Karim Khan declared his all sort of support to HSF in his capacity; he ensured HSF new cabinet to work in close. He appreciated the work started by the founding members of HSF.

Mr Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai spoke on history of HSF, how it evolves and its achievement. Following achievements he said about the challenges the first youth circle faced to establish HSF. Mr Rahmat Ex president shared his views on gap between leaders and youth,

Mr Sher Ullah Baig shared his experience about HSF and KIU. A female speaker talked about the experience with HSF and their moral support during her stay at university; basically she was representing female members of HSF and their positive attitude in development.  Within the ceremony sixth cabinet has been formulated and awards had been distributed among students performed well in academia (Gold, silver and bronze medalists), after the award in academia the awards had been distributed among the high achievers in co curricular activities. The HSF high achiever award were given to Samina Baig and Mirza Hussain.

The program was entertained by affectionate talent in singing, especially by emerging star singers with melodious voices and skits from entire Hunza. The Hunza arts and culture council provided local band for the event and Ulfat Karim extended his support for coverage of the event.

Sixth Cabinet of HSF

Mr. Rehamt Karim President

Mr. Moiz Johar Vice President

Mr. Sohail Ahmed General Secretary

Mr. Sheryar Finance secretary

Mr. Nadeem Khan Registrar

Mr. Naeem Sardar Assistant registrar

Mr. Salim and Mardan Secretaries Students affairs

Mr. Ahmed and Ejaz Information secretaries

Mr. Rizwan and Danish press secretaries

Mr. Kamal and Mohsin Coordinators for upper Hunza

Mr. Rashid and Zuhaib Coordinators for centre Hunza

Mr. Jibran Coordinator for lower Hunza

Mr. Mehran Coordinator for Danyore, Oshikhan and Sultan Abad

Mr. Suhaib Coordinator for Gilgit and Nomal

Mr. Amjad Coordinator for Ghizer

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