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Life and development in Chipursan

 Muhammad Anjum

 Chipursan valley is situated in the extreme north of Pakistan, at an elevation of about 4,000 meters from the sea level. It comprises about 334 households with a total population of almost 2373 individuals (1998)

Since last year I am conducting an informal survey in the valley, the object being analysis of the contribution of individuals in the development of the valley.

It is an animated feeling of realization that we are living in a very peaceful environment without any obvious threat of terrorism and other urban crime. The women and children are safe, this is the most precious gift of Allah Almighty.

However, the valley with all its facilities and peaceful environment also some problems and challenges. One cannot deny from the fact that all the villages in the valley are interdependent, that may be in terms of transport, education, health care, religious activities, cultural activities, and other relationships. Irrespective of their location, geological features of their surroundings and life style of the people, they depend on each another. There is a general essence of respect for each other, as well as for the traditions and value of the inhabitants.

The valley is a diversified land. H.H The Aga Khan has said that “diversity is strength” but so far we are unable to build our diversity into strength. There are many reasons behind it. Indeed the people there speak one language, follow one religion, and perform many other common practices. But they have different mental approaches, nature, distinct abilities and have different points of view, which is a good thing.

The question is how to strengthen the weaknesses and fulfill the lack that will have impact on the coming generation. These are some questions which need to be answered not only verbally but through involvement of the government and local people.

Secondly, I intend to observe the leadership qualities of the valley. No doubt the valley is full of educated people. We are sound in religious leadership, but what is lacking is political leadership. We are involved in internal politics, rather than to fight for common causes. There are some political unions and many other groups struggling for their own benefits, which results in destabilization of the community. One can suggest for all the community leaders in generals and isolated groups in particular to work for the betterment of the valley.

One important issue that is focused is involvement of youth in the development of the valley. I found that we have made different youth wings, with different objectives but they haven’t achieved something extra ordinary, which the locals expect from them. I am optimistic about them, they are energetic and sensible. It is hoped that one day they will realize their importance and fulfill the expectations of the people.

Furthermore I viewed the natural resources available in the valley. There are different types of metals, organic resources, glaciers, and world known peaks. These are the hidden resources which still need to be explored. One can also get benefit from the historical places and other traditional events through tourism. But unfortunately it hasn’t as yet developed system that can manage and generate income from these resources. After certain analyses I managed to find some resources that are available but misused and many that are unused.

In today’s technological era communication is an important tool for development, but still our access to the rest of the world is very miserable. There is an urgent need to develop mobile service and internet service in this region.

The youth of the valley have started to realize that potential is hidden in the valley. What is required is to explore them. There is hope of very bright future.

The contributor is an undergraduate student at the University of Peshawar. He can be reached at                                                        

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