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License to Hunt: Tender approved for Trophy Hunting in Gilgit-Baltistan

PT Report (Updated)

Gilgit, November 12: Tender for the hunting fees of Markhor, Ibex and Blue Sheep was approved today at a meeting held in the office of the Forest and Wildlife Department, in the presence of relevant officials, community representatives, outfitters and other stakeholders.

It was agreed during the meeting that hunters will be allowed in total to kill four (4) Markhors, sixty (60) Ibex and eight (8) Blue Sheep for Trophy, after paying money to the community and the government.

The quotes were opened and the highest rates given by the bidders, outfitters, were analyzed during the meeting.

The highest rate offered for a Markhor was 60,000 USD, for Ibex 3,100 USD and for Blue Sheep the highest bid was of 7,500 USD.

The list of bidders and their rates will be presented for approval after which the rates will be fixed for the hunting season.

It is pertinent to note that controlled hunting in the region has enabled communities to earn millions of rupees, which is used for social development and other projects.

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