I do not favor the PM loan scheme

Naseema Parveen 

If any country wants its youth to progress; there must be adequate provision of publicly provided goods.  They must be given opportunity, money is mere a medium of transaction.

Due to inefficiency of the concern authorities, Pakistan is facing severe crisis in energy sector moreover various power projects are pending for decades. As a consequence, in summers the country face 12 to 16 hours of power outrage in areas where the average energy consumption is at a minimum level.

Well in case of Pakistan politics and economics are two separate fields, politicians do whatever they want to do, irrespective of whether its policy implementation is appropriate or not. However for the economic prosperity of country you have to consider all aspects and a combine effort is required. Unfortunately in Pakistan there is a huge gap between politics and economics.

Prime Minister aims to provide loan to the youth so that they will earn through entrepreneurship and they can launch small scale industries. To be realistic, may I ask Mr. Prime Minister that if I don’t get enough power security to operate my laptop how I can run a small scale industry? It has been observed across the country that many of the industries including both small and large have been shut down due to power outrage, and the resulting unemployment has increased the existing rate.

The sustainability aspect of the project is another issue. I am doubtful whether it is going to be sustained provided the current economic situation of Pakistan, or we need to expect the same result as that of the PM laptop Scheme, which were sold back to the market probably due to the power outrage or may be youth did not take interest. What so ever was the reason this project was not worth appreciated because prime minister wanted technological advancement without power security.

Even a lay man can understand that giving out money without adequate environment is not worth appreciated decision. Given the current situation, I am not going to apply for the loan, because for the proper utilization of the loan we need some pre-requisites which our country lack and I would suggest Mr. Prime Minister to think over the decision again.

In a nutshell, this project needs a proper review by policy makers and politicians together. The decision must be finalized after reviewing its sustainability and consequences in the long run. Additionally there is much more to talk about the current situation, better next time, else you would get tired!

The writer is a student of Economics.

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  1. I would like to clear at first that I am not a PML(N) supporter and I agree that the power paucity is the foremost cause of hindrance in the economic activities of the region. But don’t you think this Loan Scheme will be helpful in indulging the youth in some kind of economic activities? Power, no doubt is an essential requirement for any economic activity, but there are some other activities which require very less or no power at all like farming, growing fruit orchards, fish farming, transportation and many more. How can you condemn an opportunity for youth on a mere power paucity issue? I would rather agree that “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”. It’s a good initiative if properly managed.

    1. You are right, Instead of celebrating different days at institutions and causing mess in area, atleast youth can shift their minds toward economic activities .

  2. I will suggest you to go for the loan because it seems you have a lot of Power Problems. Atleast take a UPS for yourself on this scheme, i guarantee it will keep your Nawaz Sharif laptop charged for quite a long time hahahaha 😀
    Lay man doesn’t actually understands that going for such offers can change his life thats why he stays lay man forever.

    1. Economic Activity has nothing to do with a “Layman” or a so called “Professional” , as it is defined as “The actions that involve the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services at all levels within a society.”

  3. The writer’s rebuttal of usefulness of the PM’s loan scheme due to power failures is unfounded and nonsensical. While the banking sector is reluctant to extend loans to the small and medium enterprises because of heavy government borrowing, the PM’s scheme will fill the gap by financing small scale projects.

    In fact, our youth in GB may choose to invest in developing small hydro-power generators and create a power market that will allow the purchase of energy in private sector, operating more like the market of LNG or LPG gas sector in the region. Possibilities are many, and any economic activity in any form will be beneficial in creating a bigger pie.

    1. First the GB’s population is not as much as the student business can run well. first look at the prices of all basic food materials in GB. the prices are too low and the 20 lakh is not a huge amount which operate the hydro-power generators in Gilgit and Gilgit is not facing as much power shortage as other parts of Pakistan.

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