Acquisition of formidable technologies and its impact on strategic balance

Dr. Abdul Jalil
Former Secretary Health & Population Welfare GB
Email: doctorabduljalil@gmail.com

It is a worthwhile endeavor to evaluate the impact of sprouting new technologies that offset the balance of power between the sovereign countries, particularly in South Asia where Pakistan and India are always on the brink of war. The frantic pursuit of latest technologies in military warfare to vanquish the enemies has led to an endless race which seemingly has no end in the foreseeable future.

An unknown number of technologies are in store which are yet to be explored but currently the semi explored technologies are hypersonic-weapons, pilotless aircrafts, Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD), 5G, cyber autonomous-weapons and remote-sensing’ through orbiting satellites in the space pose a great challenge and danger to mankind. Behind all these scientific marvels are extremely restless and insecure minds who want to subjugate others to accomplish their evil designs and these war mongers will bring death and destruction in this cosmos to fulfill their lust for blood and money.

For maintaining strategic stability in the region, Pakistan needs to improve further her intelligence gatherings and to keep an eye on the activities of seen and unseen enemies who are hell bent to destabilize this country. This should go along with harnessing the capabilities of our scientists, fully meeting their demands and Pouring enough money into the defense related projects- already undertaken.

Given the opportunities, Pakistani scientists in different disciplines of science and technology can produce wonders with a bare minimum amount spent. Moreover anything spent in the cause of ALLAH, be it money, effort, time, hardwork, and intellectual capability never goes to waste, as these efforts are for establishment of truth and acts of excellence. Whatever is spent by the state in acquisition of emerging technologies shall be duly returned. ALLAH does not remain indebted to anyone.

Pakistan’s nuclear capability and further improvement in up gradation of nuclear weapons in the ensuing years, particularly tactical nuclear weapon making, has halted the aggressive advancing steps taken by an arrogant enemy towards Pakistan. This is indeed a great deterrence and a great slap on the face of seen and unseen enemies.

Our scientists must endeavor to acquire latest technologies in weaponry and be prepared as a deterrent against aggression as far as possible. Any resources beyond the reach must not be bothered about nor should this country ever enter in to any treaty banning nuclear and other strategic arms manufacturing under terms and conditions which are mean and harmful to their broader interests. However Pakistan must fully explore whatever is available by placing her trust in ALLAH. For ALLAH is sovereign himself.

We must acquire the best possible military hardware and master new technologies in currency but there can be no better weapon than faith as we see in Afghanistan that a most ill-equipped rag-tag army of Mujahideen have crippled the arrogant super power of the day with their unflinching faith in ALLAH, according to the saying of the Holy Prophet any preparation for jihad, be it archery, or military exercises or maintenance of available weapons is the highest form of worship.

To stabilize the current war like situation in South Asia where Pakistan’s adversaries are blinded with their power, a powerful rapid deployment force is needed to deter the aggressive posture of the enemy, demoralizing and imposing caution on them.

China until now has proved to be a reliable friend who helped Pakistan both economically and militarily can be placed in the center of foreign policy options followed by Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia.

Reliance on West and America, if there is any, must be shunned. We remember the American sixth fleet help during the East Pakistan debacle in 1971. America covertly sided with India to truncate Pakistan and our lazy and foolish leadership relied on America for intervention which never occurred resulting in fall of Dacca, the second biggest tragedy in the history of Ummah after fall of Baghdad. Great lessons can be learnt from our past history if we desire so.

To stay on the map of world as a sovereign nation we have to face many challenges, the threats of our enemies, the rhetoric’s of economic sanctions, diverting rivers flowing into Pakistan and turning our agricultural land into barren fields and many more.

I am afraid these vital issues cannot be solved through dialogues as our enemy is mean, treacherous and unreliable, willingly or unwillingly we will be pushed to a war. As our enemy harbors haegemonistic-designs in the region.

Acquisition of the latest prevalent technologies are a must for survival of this country and upholding of our honour as no body respects poor and weak .There is no reason to be disappointed as our intellectuals are second to none in the world community and they can excel others if provided with resources and opportunities as has been proved in manufacturing of military hard ware with minimum resources and budget.

This Country to concentrate on satellite technology as this technology provides firsthand knowledge about enemy intentions, exploration of mineral wealth, oil and warns about impending climatic and other disasters, missile-guidance, aerial and sea navigation by planes, ships and submarines. Pakistan possesses a size able number of experts in this scientific discipline and hopefully they will make breakthrough in this particular field and will come on Par with the most scientifically advanced nations in a very-short time.

We should not sit complacent with the acquisition of presently available technologies rather strive to acquire most sophisticated technologies which until now have not been mastered by any other nation. Research is not the exclusive domain of west; we can make giant leaps if we tread this path with knowledge, sincerity and steadfastness.  America F-35 combat planes with stealth capability are notorious for radar evading and inflicting lethal blows on enemy. This technique must be mastered with concomitant development of a  radar to detect stealth combat planes.

Any country attempting to destroy our key assets stealthily must be retaliated with tactical nuclear weapons without fear so that she tastes fully the act she committed.

In the face of Israeli onslaught with her stealth F 35 planes on Iranian nuclear assets at Natang, a high level of alert and vigilance around our key assets is required and the enemy must not go unpunished if ever she dares to destroy them.

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