Your pictorial guide to the Yasin Valley, Ghizer

Yaseen Valley (6)
Yasin Valley

Photographs: Karim Shah Nizari

Yasin Valley is one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. Situated in the Ghizar district, Yasin is administratively a Tehsil (Magistracy) comprising of several large and small villages.

Yasin has a rich history, full of acts of valor, and bloodshed, as well as kindness, compassion and love. Gohar Aman, a famous warrior, was born here. He stood like an iron wall against aggression, while invading and occupying neighboring small states and fiefdoms. Yasin Valley is also home to Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed, winner of the highest military honor of Pakistan, the Nishan-e-Haider. Apart from these two heroes, Yasin Valley has the produced thousands of soldiers who have been sacrificing their lives and limbs for the glory of the nation.

Yasin Valley

The coordinates for Yasin Valley are 36.3656° N and 73.3375° E.

Yasin Valley

The people of Yasin Valley speak Burushaski and Khowar language.

Yasin Valley

According to Wikipedia, Yasin Valley comprises of four Union councils, namely Yasin, Sultanabad, Silgan, and Thoi. Union Council Yasin consists of the villages of Chiliharang, Damalgan, Gindai, Noh, Morka, Atkash, Bujayot, Manichi, Thodass, and Nazbar Valley. Thodass is the headquarters of this union council.

Thoi union council consists the villages of Ghaingchel, Ishkaibar, Karimabad, Dalkoi, Dapis, drach, Harp, Rahimabad, Kuno, Shot, Chiryat, Ishqamdass, Draskin, Nalti, dass, Thelti, Ishqamghoro, Mahrakabun, and Mushibarnala, which leads to Yarkhun Pass. Harp is the headquarters of this union council.

Yasin Valley

Sultanabad union council consists of the villages of Chumarkhan, Taus, Barkhachi, Sultanabad (Met, Huyelti), Ghojalti, Sandi, Dalsandi, and Qorqolti Valley. Taus is the headquarters of this union council.

Yasin Valley

Darkut is one of the most beautiful areas of the valley. It connects with the Boroghil valley of Chitral through the Darkut pass.


Selgaan union council consists of the villages of Barandass, Barkolti, Chilpi, Sheghetan, Hundoor, Terchet, Umalsat and Darkut, which leads to the Pass to Boroghol. Hundoor is the headquarters of this union council.


Yasin Valley is a famous tourist attraction. However, the region’s tourism potential needs to be explored further. This post is being shared for information of domestic, national and international tourists who can visit the peaceful valley and enjoy their journey and stay, while also contributing to the region’s economy.

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