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Adventure Diplomacy: Samina Baig and Mirza Ali heading to Mount Carstenz Pyramid, Indonesia


Islamabad (PR): The Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina, His Excellency Rodolfo Martin-Saravia and CEO Serena Hotels, Mr Aziz Boolani hosted a reception at Nazara lounge, Islamabad Serena Hotel to commemorate the successful summit of three of seven peaks by the Pakistani mountaineering duo Samina and Mirza Ali Baig.

The young siblings are currently engaged in an Adventure Diplomacy Expedition – supported by the Embassies of Republic of Argentina, Republic of Indonesia, Nepal, Russian Federation, United States of America, and the Serena Hotels. If they successfully conquer all seven peaks, Mirza and Samina will hold the honor of being the first brother-sister duo to complete this feat.

Late last year, on December 13th 2013, the pair reached the summit of Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua (6962m). This achievement was quickly followed by their summit of Mount Vinson Massif (4892m) in Antarctica.  The pair then set their sights on Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania where their respective stays in the cities of Dar-es-Salam, Arusha and Kilimanjaro on the way to the summit were facilitated and sponsored by Serena Hotels.

The reception was well attended by Ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the Alpine Club, local residents and supporters of the Adventure Diplomacy Expedition. The celebratory evening highlighted Mirza and Samina’s accomplishments and set the tone for the siblings’ journeys to Indonesia, Nepal, America and Russia.  Well-wishers congratulated the duo on their strength and courage thus far and bade them luck on the next leg of their expedition.

Through this expedition, Mirza and Samina hope are continuing to build a positive image for Pakistan’s tourism industry and promoting women empowerment. Originally from Shimshal Valley in Gilgit Baltistan, Samina Baig is a national hero in her capacity as the first Pakistani woman and the youngest muslim in the world to climb Mount Everest in May 2013.

With much of the world’s media focused on Pakistan’s security situation, the siblings’ attempt to bring about change through this expedition is a welcome attempt to redirect some of the public discourse back to the country’s ambitious and talented youth.  Next, the mountaineers will be heading to Bali, Indonesia to summit Mount Carstenz Pyramid (4884m). They are expected to complete the Adventure Diplomacy Expedition in August 2014.

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