Factors that lead to prostitution

Ehsan Ali 

Prostitution is currently a fast rising profession. In Pakistan because of current alarming situation and growing rate of inflation and the resultant rise in poverty, people are joining this profession, for their survival. It is noticed that attitude and behaviour with respect to engagement in prostitution are affected by many different social and cultural factors including religion, social class and economic status. It is concluded that economic inequality, lack of social values and miss use of media are active variables of this growing phenomenon. All religions have emphasized that prostitution is impure activity. All religions are strictly against prostitution. It is shown that religious people do make difference in sexual attitudes and behaviour. It is a fact that religious acts are blockade on prostitution which is growing with rapid speed. This evil is at shorter degree in religious groups. None of the sex worker were having religious background nor religious acts.

Ehsan Ali
Ehsan Ali

Legislators need to set up the regulations and penalties for prostitution in order to bring the numbers down. While no town allows prostitutes some do overlook the obvious and the trend increases until it is merely uncontrollable. This, in turn, leaves the society in a hard place with busy streets corners filled with drugs and other anti-social elements, including violent criminals, thieves and other nefarious characters.

Some of the factors are: 

  • In urban areas are weak relations, which is also a base of new entrants in sex industry. Girls from migrated families are joining the field and those who are living for education or job purpose. Because they don’t have any fear of relatives or reference group (the group of “significant others” by whose standards they measure themselves”.
  • The sense of control over her owns life is another reason. Girls from other areas are trapped first by their so called boyfriends and that relation after ending over premarital sex turned into a long story of sorrow and grief.
  • Economic reasons are playing an important role in rapidly changing patterns among prostitutes.
  • Media is important factor of the emerging phenomenon of sex workers.
  • There are many situations in which a girl becomes a prostitute or sex worker. Some girls are kidnapped by the pimps and they bring them to this profession by leaving them at various areas because their network is very strong and wide spread.
  • Family is considered as a main factor, as the Girls belonging to relevant families also join that field.
  • Financial background is also one of main factor which leads a girl to prostitution.
  • International prostitutes are getting positive response in country like Pakistan which is also very harmful for society.
  • It may be because of personal choice.
  • Divorce or separation is also a factor, which force a woman to involve in such activities to survive.

The contributor is a student at SZABIST, Islamabad.

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