Kashmir and the war on terrorism

Ehsan Ali

Kashmir issue is one of the biggest issues of the Indo-Pak relationship. Kashmir is thought a part of India according to the consensus of Indian nation. Pakistan claims its logical right over it. This creates an atmosphere of big uneasiness between the two nations in South Asia. United States and Western countries are striving to solve this conflict. According to these countries peace in this region can only be maintained if Kashmir Conflict is settled. For making a safer world, peaceful environment of this region is inevitable. These countries believe that solution of Kashmir Issue is vital for making South Asia an ideal place to invest. India has embarked round about 1 million army in the state of Occupied Kashmir.

Ehsan Ali
Ehsan Ali

Many militant groups are active to resist the influence of Indian Army in the state. India is of the opinion that these groups are assisted financially and logistically by Pakistan. Pakistani Army is spending a big part of its budget to ensure the security of borderline with India. These two countries are trying to solve the issue by involving their armies.

Involvement of a third force to settle this conflict by military is not a sole solution to achieve the goals which are set to make Kashmir an ideal state. There are few other countries where a peaceful situation should also be created. Israel/Palestine conflict is thought to be a big challenge for the peace makers of the world. Islamic groups of Palestine are causing a great trouble to Israel. Radical Islamist s of Sudan, Chechnya, and other places should be convinced to bring peace in these countries.

A peaceful dialogue should e be done so that every party should have a common thought. Kashmir is not an issue to be settled only by violent option. There should be another solution which should involve a peaceful resolution. It doesn’t mean a negotiation with the rebellions but to solve the conflict with a peaceful manner. United States has the strategy to assure a peaceful future by contributing to justice. This is the best solution to create a peaceful atmosphere rather than war.

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