Serena Hotel Gilgit celebrates plantation day at Special Education Complex

The plantation drive aims to raise awareness about carbon emission
The plantation drive aims to raise awareness about carbon emission

Gilgit, March 22: Trees and plants are the prime source of environmental purification and beautification. Gilgit Serena Hotel celebrated the “Spring Tree Plantation for Carbon emission awareness” at the Special Children Education Complex Gilgit. Mr. Asghar Khan, Asst. Director- Responsible Tourism Mr. Ejaz Karim HR Manager with the member of Green Team of Gilgit Serena Hotel, Mr. Jehan Khan Niazi Deputy Director of Special Education, Teachers with Special students, devoted their time to planting saplings and beautification of the complex and planted 80 fruits trees within the premises of Special Education Complex Gilgit. This is the third time of Gilgit Serena Hotel organizing such activities for the Special Children at their complex.

DSC09717As part of our responsible tourism philosophy we encourage all of our guests and stakeholders to consider offsetting their holiday to Gilgit-Baltistan compensating for the unavoidable emissions caused by their activities such as flying and driving. With the effects of Climate Change already being felt in Gilgit-Baltistan it’s important for us that we contribute positively back into the environment in which we are taking from. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon emissions and reduce the negative impacts to the local environment. We have researched a number of carbon offsetting schemes and carbon philanthropy projects and have committed ourselves and our business to planting trees in each of the local areas we operate in. such a small activity of carbon offsetting awareness will making a real difference at a local level

Special Education Complex Gilgit is working under the Ministry of Social Welfare and Education (Directorate General Special Education Islamabad) since 1988. Under National Education policy it was just only for deaf and blind students in early years, now under the Federal Government supervision this Institution extended its services for all kind of special children from all over Gilgit- Baltistan region. Its main objectives are mainly social development through which the potentialities of people (particularly of those who belong to down-trodden and vulnerable segments of society) are stimulated to promote their effective participation in the process of social change for improvement of quality of life. Social welfare as a process of social development provides tools and the skills for instilling confidence in a person to cope with the pressure of disorders and disruptions caused by the forces of social change.

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