Will the real nationalists of Gilgit-Baltistan please stand up?

Yasir Abbas

The issue of illegal appointment of teachers has been a hot topic in the political and bureaucratic circles of Gilgit-Baltistan. However, given the ignorable political importance of the region for mainstream political parties it has failed to emerge as a national issue. The mainstream TV channels have paid no heed to the illegal appointments which are carried out by the PPP government. The provincial opposition parties seeing no-win situation have distanced themselves from the matter. Above all and to make things worse the federal government also has given a deaf ear hence widening the air of hopelessness among the people of the region.

Yasir AbbasFrom 2009, PPP government has made series of illegal and bogus appointments ranging from the appointments in the provincial government structure to law enforcement agencies ignoring standard protocols. The appointments were made purely based on nepotism and corruption. Due to such practices today the provincial administration of Gilgit-Baltistan is composed of highly incompetent officials and it is unclear whether they even meet the minimum academic eligibility criteria.

The issues of teacher’s caught the attention of the local media and civil society where it was reported that massive amount of money was paid to several ministers and staff members in the education department for their appointments. As many as 190 teachers were appointed illegally. Gradually, several hilarious stories of corruption surfaced forcing government to launch an inquiry into the matter. After conducting inquiry the bureaucracy lead by the provincial chief secretary which for the first time in history was acting subservient to political leadership in the province did the right thing by firing the teachers. However, the existing government lead by the Chief Minister Mehdi Shah for mere political gains has announced to reinstate the teachers. The reinstatement of the teachers is a dirty gamble being played which will leave a profound impact on the education system of Gilgit-Baltistan. It has shattered the aspirations of all the assiduous students who aspire to be part of the system through merit. Also it has emboldened the public to revitalize their decades old support for dictators under whose auspices they believe they had enjoyed a fair display of merit.

The incessant series of corruption surfacing daily underlines the fact that how provincial government has been unwavering in practicing corruption under the clout of democracy. Most of you had come across the latest statistics showing the regional literacy rates of Pakistan where our province Gilgit Baltistan is leading which went viral on social media few days ago. Much to the disappointment as much as we have thrived in the educational sector our existing government of Gilgit Baltistan is committed to recoil it while appointing bogus teachers.

It is the need of the hour that government should refrain from setting a wrong precedent of corruption. A huge responsibility lies on the activists of Gilgit-Baltistan operating on field and in the social media to raise this issue at the highest echelons of power. It is primary responsibility of the educated youth to hit the roads if necessary against this historical injustice.

So much to their nationalism when corruption is at its best the nationalists of GB have maintained sheer mum about the issue of rampant corruption. With all due respect to their so called struggle for the constitutional rights of Gilgit-Baltistan, I am wondering whether these so-called nationalists who take great deal of pleasure even when Pakistan losses a cricket match will stand up for the issue of bogus appointments of teachers? Will the nationalist who only master in Pakistan bashing like to put their own house in order first?  Will the real nationalist please stand up for your region and hold the government accountable which is not composed of agencies, but your own goddamn people?

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  1. Well elaboration yasir sab ! The GBIANS are not interested to make their brothers and sisters unemployed but do hate such mechanisms and policy makers who abolish the merit and becomes the cause of disintegration and frustration among st the GB youth. Really challenging and alarming for all party leaders, well wishers of GB and GBLA members. We feel shame to read the statements of ministers that they consider legalizing corruption as their achievement. Reinstate the teachers after passing them through an open set transparent recruitment process. The present political leadership has demoralized and dishearten the new generation of GB that is inseparable and loss is irreparable. Please be conscious top management and professionals to discourage this social evils that is all types of corruption.

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