Meet our young innovator, who has an answer for our chronic energy crises

Rashid standing with the Solect Hybrid

Karachi (April 1) Rashid Alam is a young engineer hailing from Khairabad Raminji Gojal Hunza who recently completed his bachelors in electronics from Iqra University Karachi. His final year project was ‘Solar and Electrical based hybrid rickshaw (solect) hybrid.

The project has been accepted by the PEC for exhibition in Islamabad

In contrast to the conventional rickshaw, Solect works only on solar and electrical charging with a maximum speed of 60km/h. The cost of CNG rickshaw Is 3 rupees/km but the cost of SOLECT Hybrid is only 1 rupee/km.

Pakistan Engineering Council has accepted his project and offered him to participate in the upcoming exhibition in Islamabad.

He is looking forward to play his role in helping solve the energy crises by making use of his innovate project.


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  1. Sounds great! Can we get an estimate cost of the rickshaw as compared to the non-solar powered ones? Excellent work, nonetheless! 🙂

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