Rondu Bridge Scandal: Administration being pressurized to not proceed with investigation

Our Correspondent

Rondu, April 8: There are reports of efforts by politicians and some corrupt government officials to pressurize the district and Tehsil administration and stop investigation into the reasons behind the collapsing of a bridge last week. The efforts are being made to save the contractor who used sub-standard materials in connivance with some members of the bureaucracy. 

59922_520427577996911_433659257_nA bridge in Sabsar Village of Rondu, Skardu, constructed at the cost of around 4 million rupees, had collapsed last week six month after its construction, injuring four people. The bridge collapsed while a tractor was moving across it carrying some load and four people.

There are reports that sub-standard material was used to save cost and the design of the bridge was flawed, which led to the sudden collapse of the structure. The name of the contractor is being reported Muhammad alias Wadera, who is notorious for getting government contracts by bribing officials. He is believed to be very close to the PPP member selected from the area.

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