New Cabinet of Yasen-e-Mahraka sworn in

Jan Madad administered oath to the new officials of Yasin-e-Maharka
Jan Madad administered oath to the new officials of Yasin-e-Maharka

Islamabad, May 12: (PR) The Oath Taking Ceremony of the new cabinet of Yasen-e-Mahraka (YM) was held on Saturday here in a local hotel in Islamabad. Senior professionals of the region, the new cabinet and advisory board members and senior students attended the program.  Along with the oath taking part, the progress and future of the Mahraka was also discussed. Mr. Naveed Hussain moderated the discussion.

Mr. Imtiaz Ali Shah welcomed all the seniors and other participants and presented the objectives of the gathering. After that Mr. Jan Madad took the Oath from new cabinet members who pledged that they would sincerely work for the educational uplift, cultural promotion and social well-being of the people of the region. Mr. Sher Wali took oath as Chairman of the Mahraka, Sabah Iqbal Vice Chairperson, Javed Azam General Secretary, Nusrat Ali Lead Youth Coordination, Jafar Ali Lead Administration, Akbar Ali Lead Finance, Fazal Karim Lead Culture, Sikandar Baig Lead education and Waqar Ahmed and Sajid Ali Lead Recreation and Sports.

 Later, Mr. Sher Wali Chairman of the new cabinet of YM shared his views, signified his vision and action plan for the year 2014-2015. On this occasion, participants paid tribute and applauded the achievement of Shaista Madad who made her way to the University of Cambridge.

YM(1)Afterwards, Vice Chairperson Miss Sabah Iqbal shared her ideas and asked the senior professionals to deliver their suggestions for the sustainability and progress of the Mahraka.

Dr. Bahadur Ali appreciated the efforts of the team of YM for working selflessly for their region and ensured his contribution to the Maharaka at any level.

Mr. Muhammad Nasir who is the CEO of an NGO named FIELD, told the YM cabinet to speed of the pace of good work. He appreciated the idea of Summer camps and directed to arrange such positive activities in the future as well. Mr. Jahangir Khan shared his personal experiences to motivate the members. He congratulated the new cabinet of YM and directed the gathering to keep the education as their first and foremost priority. He showed his full interest for the betterment of Yasin and assured that he would always be with the Mahraka’s team.

Mr. Jan Madad, a renowned educationist of the region suggested the cabinet to keep smart, specific, achievable and doable objectives. He emphasized on the sustainability of the Mahraka. One important thing in his discussion was to make the platform inclusive as he said that exclusion always creates problems. He said that the Mahraka should work for mutual interests not for personal gains. He emphasized on voluntary work and said that voluntary work is very important for professional life. Eventually, he directed the cabinet to make the Mahraka an intellectual platform and he assured his full cooperation for the Mahraka’s programs.

The program ended with a light refreshment and group photo session.

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