Hideouts of suspected militants destroyed by Army Choppers in Diamer

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Gilgit, July 8: Pakistan Army carried out a targeted operation in the Thak Mushko forests of Darel valley against suspected militants, destroying many of their hideouts this Tuesday morning.

According to details, the search operation was conducted with the help of at least five gunship helicopters in the remote areas. Suspected hideouts of the militants were reportedly targeted and destroyed. There are also reports of the arrest of two alleged terrorists.

Commandos of the Pakistan Army were, reportedly, dropped in the forest area of Thak Mushko this morning to launch a ground offensive against the suspected terrorists. They were supported by Police commandos and troops of the paramilitary Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts.

The operation is being conducted four days after a police station was attacked by suspected militants in the Dodishal area and the policemen were tied; their weapons were also snatched and they were tied up with ropes.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has said that the writ of the government will be restored in the region.  He has also directed the administration to increase security on the KKH and other roads leading into and out of Gilgit-Baltistan. The operation is being conducted after his approval, informed sources.

Home Secretary Dr. Attaur Rehman has said that the supporters of the terrorists will also be taken to task. He has said that the government and the administration are in touch with the Diamer Jirga to get the militants who attacked the police station last week.

Malik Miskeen, a prominent politician and former Speaker of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA), has said that the search operation against the terrorists is good but operation in the region will be opposed. He has said that the people of Diamer are true patriots. He has also accused international forces of conspiring against the Diamer-Bhasha Dam by destabilizing the region.

It is pertinent to note that the land of Diamer has been used by terrorists in the past to attack passengers, tourists and officials of the armed forces and police. Vast majority of the people of Diamer are peace-loving and hospitable people who have been victims of militancy. For the last three years, the people of Diamer have been bearing the brunt of numerous operations launched by the police, paramilitary forces and the Pakistan Army.

At the same time, the remote areas of the District are believed to be safe havens for terrorists and ordinary criminals. The Police, under the leadership of SP Jahangir Shah, is conducting a door-to-door search operation in Darel Valley to catch the terrorists as well as the other criminals who might be present in the region.

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