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Protest Music: Wakhi artists perform at the site of a collapsed bridge in Chipursan Valley

Wakhi language singer Fazal Rahmon Shirinsado staged a ‘protest performance’ on the road to Chipursan Valley, at the site of a wooden bridge that recently collapsed.
The wooden bridge collapsed a day before it was scheduled to be inaugurated.
The song titled “Bozingar” is written by renowed Wakhi language poet Nazir Ahmad Bulbul.
The theme of the song is inspired from the famous Shakspearan phrase, “The world’s a stage and and all the men and women merely players”.
Following is the text of the song, and a rough translation:
“Bozingari Inson, Yem Dunyowi Yi Kucha
Har ruwori tamosho drem, Har naghdi tamosho”
Translation: Man is a performer, and the world a stage
The play continues day and night”
“Har khalgri kirdo g’hitetk, wakhti muqarar
Ki vechte’sh s’htik, khademe’sh ajal surate parda”
Translation: All humans have to play their parts, time is fixed
Death descends like a curtain, when the play comes to an end
“Wiztep woz ti rang mast, sak buyen ki re’ghday
Wiztep woz yi Bulbul zhu jenaw, thuner khu dunyo”
Translation: Someone as callous as you will come again, when we’re gone
A nightingale like me will also come, to burn his world

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