YRGB volunteers discuss career planning at Cadet College Skardu


Gilgit, October 15: (PR) Members of Team YRGB, including alumni of Cadet College Skardu, visited the region’s only Cadet college and interacted with the students, sharing experiences and information about career opportunities and planning.

Cadet college skardu since its inception has been providing a great contribution ,by training young minds from across regions , in academic and physical arenas.Its students have made to bureaucracy,armed forces and prestigious foreign and local higher educational institutes even after getting scarcity of opportunities and exposure.

CCS’s alumni team of YRGB lectured juniors about career prospects ahead of them ,and enlightened them about the rationals to opt for certain academic arena after F.Sc and Matriculation. An overwhelming response of gentle-man cadets was observed ,whose tendency to inquire made the session interactive and successful.

Volunteer efforts like these will continue ,with the social-out-put of enlightening the youth at holistic level,across regions


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