Saleem Khan from Yasin Valley summits Minglik Sar (6050m) in Shimshal

Islamabad: Mr. Saleem Khan from Nalti (Thoi) village of Tehsil Yasin, District Ghizar, has summited Minglik Sar (6050m) in Pamir Valley near Shimshal pass adjacent to Pak-China border. This expedition was the first expedition to Minglik Sar for the year 2016. The team included very hard working porters from Shimshal valley;, there were ten porters, two mountain guides (Mr. Farhad and Mr. Izat Ullah) both are summiteers of eight thousanders, one supervisor (Mr. Farman) and one assistant (Mr. Nawab Saab). This expedition was unique in nature as this was the first ever expedition from Ghizer region, secondly the weather conditions were very severe due to very heavy snow fall in the whole region. Thirdly, this expedition was completed in an unexpected time frame. The expedition started on 9-June-2016 from Shujraab, on reaching the Advance Base Camp (ABC), the weather got very bad and heavy snow fall tended the team to back out to Shujraab, which is three hour down from base camp for Minglik Sar.

On 10-June-2016 the team decided to leave for summit right from Shujraab instead of ABC and the time was decided to be 2 o’clock at night. From there the peak was summited at 9:45 am, the weather was getting worse till then and back out plan seemed hard too. Anyhow, the peak was summited at 10-June-2016, at 9:45 am, in just 7 hours and 45 minutes right from Shujraab. The total summit time was unbelievable.

 The aim of this expedition was to promote mountaineering chalice in youth, especially in Ghizer region. Secondly the candidate was representing his alma mater, Karakoram International University Gilgit). He is doing his undergraduate for Business administration in information technology (BBIT) under Computer Science department.

Trekking and climbing to this region and peak is the dream of many top universities in Pakistan. Many universities have their related departments which handles these expeditions and full fills the needs for the tours. LUMS finances their students every year for the trekking and summit of the region and Minglik Sar, but unfortunately they fail every time with having every facilities.

This expedition was also having a tiresome trekking of eight days to and back to the valley. The whole expedition was to summit three peaks in the same valley among which two were unclimbed and they were to be named by the candidate himself. Due to severe weather conditions the remaining two expeditions were postponed till August 2016.

This expedition was sponsored by the candidate himself, including finance and equipment, etc.

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  1. Insha Allah it will be the foundation stone in the history of Ghizah dist. in the field of mountaineering.

  2. Ghizer is really a very nice place for picnic its like a heaven on earth. government of gb should focus these picnic resorts in gb to promote tourism which is the greatest source for economic development. instead of begging from others we can stand on our own foots by promoting tourism sector as we have more attractive places in our region.

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