Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Three day Emergency Response & First Aid Training workshop starts in Gilgit

Participants at the end of the session pose with the PRCS leaders and officials

Participants at the end of  the session pose with the PRCS leaders and officials
Participants at the end of the session pose with the PRCS leaders and officials

Gilgit, October 22: (PR) “The Emergency Response Team members should not be considered as physicians. They are just First Aid providers to the most vulnerable in time of disasters”, said PRCS Chairman Muhammad Wali while speaking to the opening ceremony of a three day Emergency Response & First Aid training workshop on Wednesday.

He added that PRCS promotes and encourages voluntary services to help the helpless communities throughout the country that’s what our holy religion Islam teaches us. He urged the volunteers to show their dedication and enthusiasm for the voluntary services and utilize their all potentialities when and where needed.

In order to strengthening the response mechanism in time of disasters and other emergencies,  the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) Gilgit-Baltistan Provincial Branch is committed to develop a well trained and fully equipped  Emergency Response Team (ERT) at regional level for achieving  the primary objective of the organization “ Improving lives of the most vulnerable”.

Speaking at the workshop, PRCS Provincial Secretary Noor-ul-Ain said that the PRCS is on its way with a mission “dedicated to improving lives of the most vulnerable segments of the society by mobilizing the power of humanity” and therefore special focus is being given to strengthen the Emergency Response mechanism and to enhance capacities of staff and volunteers to cope with disasters and emergencies. She said that Gilgit-Baltistan being one of the most vulnerable region  has to face enormous  challenges from all sides where are always serious threats from various kinds of disasters but lack of prompt responders therefore PRCS is committed to develop a well equipped emergency Response Team at regional level.

The Emergency Response Team will consist of senior male and female volunteers from all seven districts of GB along with PRCS senior staff members who will be provided all kind of resources during natural and man-induced disasters at regional level, said PRCS Emergency Response & First Aid Coordinator Aziz Ali while explaining objectives of establishing the ERTs. He said that the ERTs will be provided basic and advance First Aid training and necessary equipment to deal with the emergencies timely and effectively so that the sufferings of the human lives could be controlled.

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