Are We Alive???

Noreen Akhtar

Few days ago, I was going through a Facebook post which was saying that following children were raped and killed in a following place. It was so painful to even think about those kids and so shameful to think about those morons who raped those kids. Somewhere, in a corner of my heart I was feeling bad for those kids but also thinking about Gilgit-Baltistan and thanking God that we live in a very safe and peaceful place. However, my heart cries and tells me that I was literally wrong. When I saw picture of this stabbed innocent ‘Hussnain’ I went to a state where I was feeling numb and I couldn’t even think that someone in Gilgit-Baltistan can do this inhuman act. I was proud to be a GBian but now, I am hesitating to mention these same words.

Today, I ask you all, are we alive? If yes, then are we afraid of raising our voice for the sake of this innocent kid? Not only this kid but, for the sake of all those who were victims before or who will be. There are many social problems GB is facing nowadays. People are fighting to get provincial rights and this and that. Do we ever try to think that there are other problems too which are much more serious for our future generations? We need education facilities. We need health facilities. Students need teachers in many schools. There are kids who don’t even have access to quality education. But, what we are doing? Our level of thinking is that much low that now some of us have started torturing our own innocent people.

Raping a kid and then stab him is such an inhuman act that today, I raise my voice for the sake of this innocent ‘Hussnain’ and against those morons who did this. I raise my voice for justice. GB is famous for its peace. People use to say that women are empowered there. Children are getting quality education. It feels like we are living in a heaven where everything is going smoothly. To be honest, for me this all fame is useless until we won’t raise our voice for justice. It doesn’t matter from where Hussnain belonged to. It doesn’t matter which religion he was following. What only matters is that he was an innocent kid and now, it’s our responsibility to take a decision.

Furthermore, I heard that a religious chaos was going on in Hunza. We are so much in to religion and are its truefollowers that we are ready to fight for it but we are not ready to follow what our religion teaches us. Our religion doesn’t teach us to rape a kid and kill him or her. Our religion doesn’t teach us to create chaos by using its name. It teaches us to serve humanity and to protect people’s rights. Then, why we are facing these problems today in a place where once people were living with peace and pride? GBians, let’s unite. Let’s raise our voices to save our future generations. Let’s not dominate our religious believes on patriotism and humanity and bring the criminals to death.

I request all the Facebook pages of Gilgit-Baltistan to unite GBians through your access and to aware them that they should not seal their mouths. It’s everyone’s responsibility to bring a change and I think you can better do this. This is an issue which when culminates, can create chaos in the whole GB. So, if we won’t take a step, I am afraid that this will happen again in the future; not only with innocent kids but women as well. My sympathies are with Hussnain’s family and may his soul rest in peace (Ameen).

Originally posted at: Mad Me

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