Poem – Juvenile Prophecy

Dr Nadir Shah, Gilgit

(In the memory of departed souls in forces)

Snow peaks piling up, glacial milk oozing down
My friends dreaming in, sweet home hunting you

Men at their best, warriors out of the nests
Dwell in, dwell in, chilling wind cautions you!

Shoulders on angels, blessing you martyrs
Sword in hand, U brave men, all folks praying you

Sparking in the stars, glistening in the Mars, we supermen
Resting in the celestials, Naveed’s soul, Ikram’s soul, jesting you

Rain or Shine, all in one, we all in heaven
Spring in blossom, tiny sparrows calling you

Hats off, for you, O ! men-at – arms
Last post bugle on, kith & kin missing you!

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