Activism of Ghulkin Youth Association

By Abdul Ali

The Ghulkin Youth Association-Gilgit Chapter abbreviated GYAG (Ghulkin Youth Association-Gilgit) held its annual general meeting (AGM) on Sunday, 9th November, 2014 here at the residence of Mr. Gulzaman (late). Mr. Gulzaman, who passed away a couple of weeks ago, was a great social scientist through and through, may our Lord bless his soul with eternal peace in His eternity (Ameen).He initiated social mobilization among those who came to Karachi for availing education and earning their livelihood. Lending value to socialization and evoking a sense of belongingness and connectedness to our roots, he hosted regular setting of gatherings and wholeheartedly patronized events. Knowing, the then the economic cost and scarcity of time in a mechanization city life, he was man of great humility and kept positive socialization and communism close to his heart .The youngsters paid homage and glowing tribute to this great son of the soil, and coincidently his progeny Mr. Shah Zaman has been nominated to head the youth association. The newly formed managing committee comprises Mr. Shah Zaman, Mr. Rashid Uddin and Mr. Bilal Qasim against positions of president, general secretary and Joint Secretary respectively.

The association was formed on 27th April, 2010 in Gilgit “to foster interaction among youth to promote and serve their intellectual, academic, social and recreational interests”. The young generation was apprised of brief review of achievements and failures of the bygone year. The team’s performance review was substantiated by audited income & expenditure account and other financial statements, which is healthy sign of change for better tomorrow contrary to what had been in vogue of financial matters embroiled in maze of jigsaw puzzle. Such presentation of true and fair view of sources and application of fund flows shows commitment of village youth to greater welfare and developmental cause at grass root level in times ahead.

Doubtlessly, our youth get inspiration from poet of the East and none other than him was deeply concerned about youngsters and advised to focus their real destiny to avoid self-destruction. His nojwan is Shaheen, man of khudi and an optimistic person who can pull down the stars to himself. He says, محبت مجھے ُان جوانوں سے ہے ،ستاروں پہ ڈالتے ہیں جو کمند  (I have love for those youngsters who pull the stars down). Youngsters provide the leadership that leads the nation to the heights of self determination. Iqbal’s notion of leadership is the perfect man, he says of himنرم دم گفتگو،گرم دم جستجو              رزم ہو یا بزم ہو پاک دل و پاکباز        ) He is mild in speech and wild in action. Be it battlefield or the assembly of friends, he is pure of heart and action.)

Fewer shared and exchanged ideas about real life challenges and expressed their concern on scant readership and its adverse impact on youth’s future. Some opined how to overcome and makeup the prevailing substandard educational level back at home and around and how to curtail and contain this free fall of merit in academic arena? Allama Iqbal was uncomfortable with the way the knowledge is being transferred to the youth. He says)شکایت ہے مجھے یا رب خوندان مکتب سے،سبق شاہین بچؤں کو دے رھے ہیں خاک بازی کا   He bears grudge the way mentor dispenses lesson, higher flyer children are taught superfluously)

           نہیں ناُامید اقبال اپنی کشت وِیراں سے                          ذرانم ہو تویہ  مٹی بڑی زرخیز ہے ساقی

Exploring ways and means to update and upgrade the youth about the market trend which usually necessitates appropriate and authentic educational websites searches for scholarships and job vacancies. How to improve essays writing skill to match his aptitude in his field of interest? The eccentricity of the past as well present team is on dire need of equipping the youth with state-of-the-art education aside from other youth oriented productive activities. Incentivizing and financially helping economically down trodden families having school-going kids. Focus of encouragement will be pivoted on them to make career path from ab initio and entice them to be perseverance in his selected field of study. So that there is ray of light and hope for change toward better life for such households when subsistent living has become challenge to many. With the rising cost of living those who don’t catch on with competitive world, making both ends meet hit them most. Assisting such vulnerable individuals was noted to be hallmark and prime responsibilities of an ideal society believing in collectivism.

The rendezvous of youth badly felt the need of bridging existing hiatus between old and modern generations. Emphasis was laid on sharing avenues of opportunities and proposing feasible ideas toward solution to societal basic key issues like tapping local resources to workout infrastructural issues of electricity, channelization of potential sources for better tomorrow and reducing inter-communal frictions. Though there are potential resources for such outstanding problems, but public collaboration and understanding is found deficient or missing to synergize such sources .In the past so many productive plans and projects elapsed owing to personal conflict of interest and egomaniacal attitude of few individuals.

  When the youth’s time and energy couldn’t be absorbed in healthy and creative activities, it is bound to fall victim to dictum; an empty mind a devil’s abode. Iqbal feels if the youth of any nation is lazy or indulged in wrong then no one can stop nation to be ruined. Youth is representative of the nation, not only of the current nation but also of the nations to come. If nojawans are true Muslims and have fourteen qualities of a true leader that are written in the verses of Surah Bakara, then nation can become prosperous itself and if it is otherwise then nothing can stop them to be ruined. If constructive engagement in society is imbued in their taste and texture, it will prove to be a boon rather a bane or an explosive bomb. The very lifeline to these mountainous communities to get access to outside world is the sole Karakorum High Way, but shockingly with its infrastructural development, youngsters are found killing time by addicting themselves in winning and dinning. Youth are often found relishing in alcoholism, drug and other wicked engagements, which we foresee dark clouds speedily engulfing the docile nation of this serene area.

Taking holistic stock of the environ of the gathering, there was beckon of better society which strive for collective good, rather excellence of few individuals, inclusion in the process of those not-so-well off, appreciation and support for those mediocre who need our help in their academics and economics . All this can be transpired materially provided there is reciprocity from village folks. These male and female literate adults adherence to Quaid’s advice of unity, faith and discipline in their rank and file and wearing on their sleeves respect of culture and humanity can prove an invaluable force to reckon with.

It is plead to the high achiever students, outstanding academicians, professionals and those who have excelled in any field hailing from Gilgit-Biltistan, so that we could make it part of our blog for our youth as  source of inspiration and guide to the future. Please write to us on gyag.ghulkin@gmail.com

The scribe is sectary finance, media & information member of the Youth Association and a visiting faculty member of Institute of Cost and Management Accountant of Pakistan (ICMAP), Gilgit Branch.

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  1. What i can say is just Wowoo!! I really like the way the scribe has narrated the event in a much more broader prospect by elaborating it through the philosophy of Iqbal’s KHUDI. It is indeed a moment of self assessment for us the youth.

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