Four youth from Shishkat (Gojal) held for “assaulting a laborer”

Hunza, November 26: Police arrested four people from the Shishkat Village of Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza) yesterday after registering FIR against them for allegedly assaulting a laborer hailing from the Nagar Valley.

The laborer, identified as Hamid, was allegedly attacked and thrashed by a group of youth from Shishkat village in early June this year. The victim, after remaining silent for several months, reportedly approached the police after a video of the assault was allegedly uploaded on social media.

Four people, including Salim, Nayab Shah, Faheem and Muhammad Ali were arrested and presented in front of a court in Aliabad today. The court gave them to the police on physical remand.

Meanwhile, the accused have said that they were not involved in the incident and they have said that a particular police officer is involving them in the case for personal reasons. One of the arrested youth also said that there’s no such video and that “a fake and bogus” video has been produced to involve them in the case.

At the other side, the police officials have said that they have registered the FIR after they were approached by the alleged victim. They said that the video is credible evidence against the youth. The police have also said that more people might be arrested after investigation, because allegedly a group of around 20 youth had assaulted Hamid in June. Hamid has said that he was violently beaten and his cloths were torn.

Some locals from Shishkat have said that there were reports of Hamid’s involvement in unethical activities and he may have been beaten up for that reason. Locals from Shishkat have demanded release of the arrested youth and they have said that the region’s youth are being and vindictively unfairly targeted by police and the district administration after the protest demonstrations that started after the 4th January landslide.

Meanwhile, political circles in Nagar Valley have demanded justice for the alleged victim. They have said that if justice is not done, they will come on the roads in protest. Similar threats have also been issued by youth groups in Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza, who think the youth are being targeted unfairly.

“There’s need for peace and harmony in the region”, said Barkat Shah, a notable from the region. “There should be fair investigation and none should be denied justice”, he said, when asked to comment on the incident and the reactions from different circles.

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