Ambulance boat partially sinks in dammed Hunza River!

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Hunza: An ambulance boat donated by USAID has partially sunk in the dammed Hunza River near Attabad. The boat was being used to transport patients from Gojal Valley to the downstream. Recently, it was also being used to transport passengers.

Some sources have said that the anchored boat may have sunk due to heavy winds. However, the circumstances remain unclear. There was no passenger or operator inside the boat when it partially sank.

It is pertinent to note that due to absence of health facilities in the Gojal Valley, more than 25,000 people depend on the boats/ambulance boat to cross the dammed Hunza River and reach hospitals in Aliabad or Gilgit.

The sinking of the boat during the winter season, when transportation becomes very difficult, does not augur well for the people of the region.

Ambulanc boat (2)

Photo: Niyat Shah/Gulsher Khan

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