[Pictorial] Road to Chitral

Gul Ahmed Farooqi
The road to Chitral passes through the lower and upper Dir districts, located in the Malakand Division of Khyber-Pakhunkhawa province. Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi
Gul Ahmed Farooqi
Everyday thousands of vehicles travel on the road, carrying passengers and goods. Photos: Gul HammadFarooqi
Gul Ahmed Farooqi
Vehicles are checked routinely at different points along to road. The security is almost always on high alert, to ensure that terrorists are unable to enter the peaceful Chitral valley. Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi
Gul Ahmed Farooqi
Contingents of military, paramilitary and police forces have established posts along the road and check passengers and vehicles day and night. Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi
Gul Ahmed Farooqi
Many a time the vehicles travel together during the night as a precaution. Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi
The valleys through which the road passes are beautiful and studded with human settlements. Photos: Gul HammadFarooqi
Lawari mountains separate Chitral, a former princely state, from Dir. The scenic Lawari top remains closed during the winters. A tunnel is being constructed to ensure smooth flow of traffic in all seasons. Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi


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