Hunza Cultural Festival: A gathering to rejoice

Salima Aman

The people of Hunza valley are scattered everywhere around the globe with very tough and busy schedules in a continuity which keep all of us a bit apart from our culture, tradition and practices hence an introduction to our mirror image is essential to link us with our ancestors and to encounter us with our facts. It gives me immense pleasure to recount the wonderful time that I have viewed with my people.

Every year a gathering called HUNZA CULTURAL FESTIVAL is organized in Islamabad to bring the people of beautiful valley together. I suppose this the finest time one can have in this fast growing life to rejoice, to express, to cackle, and to warm up the threads of dispersed relations. Beside all the good time there are few things which need real consideration.

The crowed witnessed on the second day of festival was huge, performances and talent shown by different artists was also great enough to entertain the people. The traditional melody and beat of drum that was striking the walls and the passionate youngsters were the greatest flashes for the photographers to capture and stock the emotions. Time spent with friends, investing a few hours with relatives in a habitat like hometown was considerable and good enough to dump the frustration out from daily routines.

Our culture is our identity and we feel very honored when we present ourselves. This identity we have established from our ancestors and their hard work brought up us to endure at this level, we only try to bring out the little out from it that has been gifted. Our culture is richly diversified that few words can’t outline; wherever we go we try to make our deeds the best orators of it. Every class was having fun by their own methods children were exploring the every corner of that place, our elders were cheerful because they were sitting around their people, youth was so spirited to break the dance floor, food lovers were having their best in food corner with traditional stuff so everyone was action-packed in building their own world where only feelings were acceptable to breath.

This narration is the spectator of positive attitudes that I have observed coming to the other approach of event a lot of things need real consideration to make it more outstanding, its pleasure to count that our people are educated and literate enough to tackle the situations and deal with challenges. One of the significant belongings that our culture trained us is discipline and this factor was missing somehow only wearing the traditional caps and outfit is not necessary, real teachings need to be implemented at required times, we must be aware of that what to react, when to react and how react. As compared to previous years the event was little blurry in performing stage programs, we have a lot of more stimulating things in our culture to demonstrate which can be portrayed in artistic ways to entertain and instruct the audience most specifically youth, it’s basically the knowledge about our culture and history that can be conveyed more fascinatingly because our culture is something beyond then songs only.

The get-togethers are healthy to conduct it brings people close, it offers people a chance to enjoy, to laugh out loud  and to learn, most of the people wait for this annual function and come to prison some memories. I gratitude the personal and collective labor of managers to make it prosperous and hope for another more well organized one to come up with more content and the elimination of minute sicknesses that were seen in the event. It’s not only for the organizers everyone is responsible and everyone should coordinate to make these events worthy; we are the community of happiness and stay under one canopy in every state so better of all the solutions is evasion of disapproval and work on weaknesses to make them more grabbing.

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  1. Music and musicians have historically played a vital role in the cultures of Central Eurasia and the Middle East. Music traditionally has served not only as entertainment, but as a way to reinforce social and moral values.

    Musicians have provided models of exemplary leadership, whether by bringing listeners closer to God, sustaining cultural memory through epic tales, or strengthening the bonds of community through festivity and celebration.

    The Aga Khan Music Initiative (AKMI) was created by His Highness the Aga Khan in 2000 to support the efforts of Central Asian musicians and communities to sustain, further develop and transmit these important musical traditions. Find out more

      1. your statement is self explanatory dude if you think for while by observing your surrounding and you will know what kind of music should be avoided by a person and what genre of music en hails individuals soul. Music is part of nature.The rhythm in flowing water,the whispers of air, the mesmerizing sounds of birds, Bees…buzz, Cats…mew, purr,Ducks…quack, Frogs…croak , Sheep…bleat, Snakes…hiss, Sparrows…chirp ……….Whats is that? Its one of blessings of God.And by the way why we (Muslims) do every thing black and white…..use words like forbidden, not allowed, etc. Such things (especially related to art, music) depend on situations,and remember it that their is thin line b/w art and vulgarity…….same case goes to music too.

  2. @Salima Aman! I am deeply moved to read your thoughts and your inclination towards the cultural heritage of Hunza. Right at the outset, please accept my sincere appreciation for taking the initiative to give a reflection on Hunza Cultural Festival. Salima, Hunza has progressed in the pas and will progress in the coming years because it keeps producing dynamic leaders like yourself who bestowed with multitude of skills and most important thing about leaders like you is the will to pay back.

    Hunza Cultural Forum is a non-government, open body for young people of Hunza to come forward and demonstrate their potential in the realms of re-connecting the young people to the transient and ephemeral culture, traditions and music. In the course of re-inventing past traditions, folk music and dances, youth often tend to commit mistakes, and which I believe is completely acceptable, provided that they get limited opportunity to engage with past traditions. Nonetheless, positive criticism on the endeavours and pursuits put in place by youth members is also imperative for a healthy and progressive society.

    Being part of Hunza Cultural Forum I welcome your thoughts and comments and I anticipate you coming forward, taking the steering seat and lead all of us. You are a leader of today and of tomorrow, please acknowledge this. I look forward to you taking lead and initiative in improving HCF’s cultural festival.

  3. @SALIMA Aman, thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflection related to our event. HCF is non governmental body which works on promoting culture of Hunza Valley here at twin cities of Pakistan.

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