8 Ways to Maximize Your Job Search

Farman Ali Thara

To get a good job right after graduation is a dream of every student and s/he wishes to be a part of a well reputed organizations. In the current scenario there exists a huge supply of new graduates to the market but their demand is decreasing because Pakistan is not having much FDI to cope up with the situation. Due to these factors, Job market is showing bearish trends and which not only results in high unemployment of new graduates but also a factor of demotivation for them.

In the current scenario, to find a good job is a tough task indeed but I think if anyone who believes in hard work and have a define goal with right path ,then nobody can take opportunity away from him and he will find a dream job for himself.

Being a Human Resource professional I would like to recommend some of the potential ways of Job hunting which will definitely work for all those graduates who are new to the Job market.

Some of the potential ways of maximizing job search are as under.

  1. Resume and Cover Letter

After graduating resume is consider to be the first tool which presents you in front of any employer, so get your resume and cover letter in an order and make it more professional by avoiding unnecessary things. Resume is your identity and keep it simple.

  1. Customize your Resume:

One Resume format is not applicable for all sectors and resume format is varies according to the sector of Organization. In order to compel employer to read your resume make it more customized and there will be an alignment between your skills and the Job description. 

  1. Target Your Market

Once after graduation the basic problem which is faced by many graduates is that they don’t know where to apply, what will be a best job for them .This is a fatal flaw and generally leads people to applying for hundreds of jobs that they do not really want and don’t have the skills for. Determine your target market and this will provide you with a much better success rate in your applications. The ongoing trends in HR says that organizations needs smart workers rather than a hard worker because of globalization. 

  1. Track Your Applications

Once after graduation, getting a job is considers as an utmost goal of your life, so align yourself to hunt a good job and give proper time to it because to find a good job is job in itself. Once after graduation every graduate is eager to get a job and he/she usually apply for job without wasting a single moment and it will difficult for them to track applications and they don’t know where they have applied etc. thus it is better to setup a simple Excel spread sheet and track all your applications in terms of dates, job titles, company names, contacts and status.

  1. Proper use of Social media

Now a day’s social media is at its par and it is currently serving as emerging and easy way of marketing for every employer. Frankly speaking once after graduation I was hunting for a job and one of my friend suggested me a Facebook groups related to Jobs and I applied for a post from there which was posted by someone who was an a HR Professional, truly speaking very next day I got an interview call from employer and thus I got my first job through Facebook. (Amazing but true). So I would recommend that it’s better to confine your research and make a good profile on LinkedIn.

  1. Upload your profile at Job Portals

Most of the organizations in today world are not having enough time to involve themselves in the initial recruitment processes, so they usually go for third party hiring or hiring through Job Portals because Job portals are more convenient for them in terms of shortlisting. So to grab a good job it’s better to upload your details on web portals like, and . In some cases employers will approach you automatically if your profile matches to their requirement.


  1. Approach Companies Not Currently Hiring

So everyone applies for jobs with business who are advertising thus increased competition. Why not apply to companies who are not hiring. Create a list of companies you feel would be interested in your skills and send them your resume and cover letter with an introduction. Who knows? They could be planning on hiring in a number of weeks and you could have just saved them time, effort and money by being the right candidate!

  1. Keep the momentum going.

To find a new job in this economic downturn is a quite hard task and most of people find rejections more difficult and stressful. But what I would recommend is that be calm, be optimistic, be passionate and a day will come when you will see the results in your favor and you will start your career with a good employer. Always take responsibility and take pride to say that “My will is strong and My aims are High

Good luck.

 Contributor is an HR Professional hailing from Hunza. 

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