PTI’s Chief Imran Khan wears the crest of a rare Himalayan Monal Pheasant during his press conference

By Ali Ahmad Jan 

10309186_652988614829503_8087819541302797375_nImran Khan who is destined to achieve the target of a Billion Tree Plantation through his Tree Tsunami drive was seen wearing the crest of an ecologically important bird, the Himalayan Monal Pheasant, during his press conference in Islamabad today.

One of the root causes for extinction of this beautiful birds is that the crest of a male Himalayan Monal is a prized possession and, when worn as a decoration on a ‘topi’ or cap, symbolizes status and authority.

We have been successful in convincing the Pakistan Army to use the synthetic feathers instead of original ones as NLI has been using the crest as part of its uniforms. H.H the Aga Khan was also pleased to instruct his staff to remove the feathers from the caps of doormen and other staff of Serena Lodges in Gilgit Baltistan. He also avoids the feathers in the caps he is presented during visits. Mr. Abdul Hamid Khan, Chairman of the Balawaristan National Front, on my request has stopped wearing the original feathers of Monal and Siberian crane.

We request Mr. Imran Khan to avoid actions harmful to environment and PTI members should also be careful in presenting gifts to their leader that earn no good reputation for him.

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  1. nice article , but in case of IK , it may be unintentional , it not seems logical to accountable Ik for wearing gifted cap and appreciating ny hamid khan for not wearing 🙁 otherwise generally good message for all

  2. Is this standard of reporting ????? was this the main issue worth attention? Pamir Times might have served better had it included what Imran had said about rights of people of GB. Don’t be biased …

  3. I think you all need to grow up and report something worth reporting. Are you journalists or farigh aunties who talk about shit like that The most absurd kind of journalism.

  4. very nicely written and a nice observation as well. Those who think this was unintentional should study the decorum and etiquette of politics. IK doesn’t fall in the category of leaders.

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