Skardu: Police says detained youth have confessed rapping college girl

Gilgit: GB Police spokesman has clarified that the alleged rapists of a college girl have been arrested in Skardu. The spokesman has also said that cases have been registered against the rapists under the Anti-Terrorism Act. He has also said that the two rapists have confessed their crime and they will be punished in accordance with the law by a court.

Meanwhile, an Islamabad based NGO called Sahil has offered free legal support for the abuse victim. “The offer of providing free legal service has been made to the parents/family of the abused girl. Now it is up to them to accept it”, Habiba Salman, a Sahil employee, informed Pamir Times.

The police spokesman has identified the detained rapists as Shakil Ahmad, a resident of Chourbat (Khaplu), and Ahmad Hussain, a resident of Skardu city. The case, 2/15, has reportedly been registered under clause 337-A, 367-A, 376-A, 392 and 354/34 of the Pakistan Penal Code, as well as under article 6/7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

It is pertinent to note that the car used in the crime and the snatched cellphone of the abused girl have also been recovered by the police.

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