Of ethics, values, education and legacy

Rehmat Rahim Sherazi

In today’s global village where every individual is involved in the process of thinking to create, to adapt and to learn on every single step, learning has become a continuous process without an ending. The scope of learning is advanced and also, seemingly, easy because of advancement in the technology. Wherever you move, your act is watched, stored and followed by thousands of followers through social networks.

History tells us that the methodology of teaching and learning was quite difficult in the past. With scarce resources, students were unable to purchase books, notebooks, pen, pencils, and some even lacked the resources to buy more than one cloth. The concept of having uniform dressing codes in the schools was not possible. But despite of these hardships, the quest and passion for learning was immense.

Students would walk for tens of kilometers every day to reach schools and get lessons for the day, returning to their homes in the evening. Parents lacked information about teaching and learning practices, having never been to schools themselves. But, they certainly were interested in making their children get education, with the hope of making them beneficial and useful members of the family and the society at large.

 “The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren are not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith”

Billy Graham

The situation has changed immensely during the last few decades. Now, learning and teaching have become very easy. Reading, writing, watching, experimenting, playing and exercising, are some of the modern ways of learning and teaching. These practices not only enable students to learn their lessons, they also facilitate the process of their intellectual growth, giving them broader and clearer understanding of various concepts and nurturing their creative skills in the process. Learning has become quite comfortable, and people also have access to more means of livelihood and resources, compared to the past.

After a long struggle a student becomes an educated person in the society. He or she gets the honor, and become a – honorable person in his family as well as in the area where he lives. He gets more exposure of the society and becomes a trust-worthy member of the society.

Unfortunately, gradually the culture of the education which is meant for light and prosperity is going down, as we analyze it in our own boundaries. Mostly the youth, particularly the new generation, is involved in creativity, advanced thinking but the fruits are not very visible. They are proactive in all aspects, but feel embarrassed when they speak their native language. Instead of using the words which are really touches some once heart, using mixed bland of Urdu, English etc.

The tradition and culture of any society teaches love, brotherhood, acceptance and compassion. We should feel proud of our language, custom and living style. Change in that culture of custom is dynamic that is important to give a touch, but not to disconnect us from our roots. Our young stars are the layer of our futures leadership and they must know the values and customs. Follow the proper track deliberately to their living style and culture and avoid imposing your own rumination. The society will accept and respect you when you will be more spontaneous. Our words should be our action; our actions should be our feeling and happiness. For a pure and loving environment the behavior of human being should be a role model, small conflicts need to be understood and solve through a proper negotiation. Accepting a small mistake covers the long misconceptions. Peace remains merely the once which has no alternative.

Healthy and wealthy people are having depression and complexity but still searching for peace. Graph has two dimensions, increasing or ascending order. Europe, USA, Canada and Japan, these countries are developed and advanced. They did and get everything but after reaching the stagnant point they started descending mean to follow again everything through which they have been at their origin. They are now in a problem that social interaction and ethical value has become very weak.  For those precious gems they are moving in those countries where the real human nature still exists. Who have still their own identity and recognitions? We are lucky that we have all these in our country. There are some internal issues but our humanity and hospitality could not be forgotten.

 Legacy is our pride, and culture is our identity and unity is our ideology. Following the footstep of our elders and our ancestors is our responsibility. We have to follow their footsteps at all cost.

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