Letter – People of Hussainabad (Sost) can’t get fresh drinking water throughout the year

Water is life. I am going to divert your attention to Hussainabad area of Sost, the place where the Silk Route Dry Port is situated. Silk Route dry port is a joint venture of Pakistan and the global economic power China. Millions of dollars in taxes and profits are collected by the government and the businessmen from this area. It has been visited by President Pervez Musharraf and other national leaders.

However, it is unfortunate that the residents of the village are deprived of some very basic facilities. Due to absence of fresh drinking water, the people have to store water for six months in wells and consume it for six months during the harsh winters, starting from November.

Many projects have been launched in this area in the past to resolve the issue but all of them have failed due to harsh weather and other unclear reasons.

On behalf of all the people of this village we request all the stakeholders and collectors of this dryport and other relevant departments to kindly do some thing for atleast pure & fresh drinking water.

Ahmad Hunzai
Hussainabad, Sost (Gojal)

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  1. Dear residents of Hussain abad(sost), negotiate with village Khuda abad and take fresh water connection, give some shares in dry port.

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